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The first attempt in EU 1979

Community Merchandising

Way back in 1979 when we addressed Viennese, Polish, Hungarian and Jewish very good business man, lawyers, government officials, Trade officials, that we wanted to start a Merchandising business for our Community to begin with private. They could not quite understand our motives. One Austrian company which encourage us was dealing in Leasing, of various kinds, promoted paintings/ brass print.  Most importantly  the Milan - Italy Group we were in contact with working on the process of extracting and marketing enzyme from the coco de mer that had the same effect like “Viagra”

With loan, line of credit and some cash we started trading in natural products from Seychelles. These related to handcrafted spectacle frames, sunglasses, Jewelry of natural product, blended with gold, diamond and silver. Serious negotiation was undertaken with two of Austria leading Optic company, Carrera Optyl Gsmbh and Silhouette International among others. The philosophy of natural spectacle frame then.    We had products of very high class personal items, expensively designed collectable furniture by leading Milan designers and the Group Coraile -France, daughter company of GRANDS MOULINS DE PARIS, Cayman Island - the Rothchild Family in USA/France, a very large German Group and leading lawyers, Merkatura and Koln Optic, important gold Traders in Nice and one of the largest mineral shop in Monaco. The banks involved were Creditanstalt Austria, Commerce Bank Germany, Credit Lyonais and BNP France, Credit Italiano and Milano Bank. There was a well known modern gold craftsman of British origin working for the Group. We later joined up with the grand children of the Larousse family for marketing purpose. We attended, visited  several International fairs and regional. We were contracted with a couple of the largest whole saler in Paris - help of the Larousse grand children connection. From very important business concern, many personality form the public, governments  and archaic/fraternal, philantrophist we had acquired support and important good will. The business was working/worked until we were compelled to seek political asylum in Britain 1981/2 - everything collapse. A great deal of money lost and wasted, with very many furious and angry leading personalities and corporate. We had working sub contract with some of them. We had wanted to establish the business in France. The Office was Rue St Honore - Paris and shop Boulevard Champ Elysee Arcade. We were looking at making FF 1, 000,000.00 - FF 400,000.00 a year gross. We resided mostly  near the  former Bastille  13em - facing the Gobelin building

We have had some 10 years to come back again and again review the start of our community merchandising business - the families in Tirol and Vienna or Munich , Milan involved in the  National costumes, Track costumes and their accessories. We were learning as well as those involved in the related antique business in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy and Britain.  As such meanwhile those from our EU community who have  come to appreciate - associate and wear these traditional custumes - the relation to our community business. It is  an  EU important  Industry.



Société Religieuse et  Héraldique du Seigneur de Séchelles

There have been other attempts by other members of our community, Seychelles  individuals in the EU, their time, commitment, love, labor and money involved. Particularly to our French, ancestrage, Germans, Italians, Swiss, Belge, Polish, Balkans community friends, the church, there is a very great deal to explain why we have failed so terribly.  Refer to

     Welcome - La Maison de Seychelles                            To all our visitors who recall Paris 1979 ( La Maison de La Reunion Mr Houreau. ) We had always wanted to do a smaller version for Seychelles hence we have name our shop.




(Ils Labourdonais -Se’chelles)Seychelles Genealogical and Heraldic Society



The Seychelles Orchid Farm we were involved, Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute - Mr Guy Morel, Giovani Mario Ricci, Dr M Ferrari, President FA Rene, setting up of the Central Bank & Ricci other bank in Seychelles the COI - Industrial Investment Promotion Center research by UNIDO


Mr Guy Morel

image11147 G Lionnet

Mr Guy Lionnet

 Photos - Naschmarkt - Flee Viennese Market, Austria   Website

The SIROP/CDU/Alliance/DP/SNP exile program had failed the planned target, 1993 Seychelles 3rd Republic called. The three suitcase in Angers - Loire/SVP, detail of their content, the SIROP/Polish change/USSR change, German Reunification.   President Francois Mitterrand – the French archaic/fraternal establishment were livid – particularly the emergence of united Germany- results. We had tried/failed to set up a Center in Calais/rent a place with the EU Commission and French help, their corporate Tax system.. The Community Coat of Arms had been put together presented to the Bruxelles College of Art among others, FECAS-ECSVS, the Council structures in place. It was decided to try an locate our community office/business concept in Gent – Belgium.( Involved the Nord Pas de Calais economic development Consortium, SGE, Euro Tunnel group, the GMR conglomerates, Barclays bank, Bank Nagle Macker/ Societe General/BNP – the Mauritius Stock Market/ Seychelles and Palestinian Stock market promoters. The 1991 Mediterranean  economic development Basin/region, Alpine region economic development, the Russian Commonwealth Economic development) We lost £5000 placed with bank Nagle Macker/BNP/General – the bank account just vanished – the court Case in London. The very significant gains, mergers, acquisitions economic boost amounting to hundreds of billions in Euro/pound they all benefited from. We gained nothing, the important expenses to set up in Gent/Belgium involved. The involvements of then Conservative Government of Priminister John Major, their bitter opposition for us to set up in Gent/Belgium.  11/04/07


The effort - more recent history of our community to start a merchandising business dates back to 1998 to raise badly needed funds for our community work. Because of the racial discrimination we have experienced, many other communities getting grant and donation, our community in spite of pleading, its historic efforts to help rebuild the British economy which was bankrupt 1979 - date and later the COMECON issues, German reunification, the very important gearing/coporate net work we had put together for the Exile/Refugee return program $500 - 800 millions, involvement in some $1000 billions multinational link corporate projects, the  changes in the Indian Ocean and African Union we contributed to . We are just used and abused, riped off oppressed and threatened> The vast many protest to UN and the EU Institutions. When it come to slaving away it is fine - when it come to earning a few pennies they block us. For this reason we decided to set up our Community Merchandising business in Belgium - Gent, we spent a reasonable amount trying to do this 1993 - 1994

Mondo Lines Merchandising                 A few Items we had started to market

The 1998 attempt a picture - Farmer Catchpole place, Lloyd name, Staplehurst - Kent, the great flood, the CJD epidemic, petrol strike and 9/11

The business was divided in three sections:

1-Heraldic goods and gifts, Jewelry

2-Sports wear, clothing

3-Music, video, DVD, books, paintings

* Antique reproduction furniture hand crafted in Seychelles

Crafts France .::.::. Country French


Artists in Development: UNESCO Culture Sector


In the background is the Teak & Oak door we had bought from a large salvage yard to make the Desk top for the SIMCA Mondo Trading merchandising business - the large investment we made, the two companies £100,000 share capital, all those that benefited in Seychelles, Mauritius, south Africa, EU, Asia and the USA, Russia the mega earthquake and the Tsunami 2004 Because of very bitter experience we build a twin cross of Lorrain, place it on the door and took pictures. The $6 millions usd we are owned and those that refuse to pay. Those that went that extra length in Britain and Dubai to destroy that company , no company no claim moto.


We have put a picture of Viscount Linley and Lady Sarah, the children of the late Princess Margaret to underline her interest in this field some 50 years ago.  Her Children Profession Master Craftsman and Artist. The Seychelles Community in EU around the world just do not appreciate certain important issues - our contributions that Buckingham Palace start a Royal Merchandising  venture. On continental EU things are done different. Our need to get some kind of Heraldic merchandising  venture going for our community. We have added a link to an eshop selling and promoting good to help the needy, the poor, the unemployed, those exploited all over the world.



Below is a picture of the largest German distributor of dog, cat, bird, reptile etc products we have stated countless times the link of that SIROP/Aliance/CDU/DP/SNP/MPR exile program with the German reunification, the Berlin Wall, the Treuhand and the COMECON change. We had negotiated to get an office for our company - the office was not ready so we hired an office in Headcorne- Kent.                                     Theresienthal Germany

Fair Trade Federation

Producers :: Fair Trade

Staplehurst Kent - (Charles Dickens train crash)

The Staplehurst Parish Council Web Site


The Order of Saint Benedict

Order of Saint Benedict - Wikipedia

International Federation for Alternative Trade

Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International

Fairtrade Products

Fair Trade

We had first started with a small company in Staplehurst - Kent 1998 who manufacture T Shirts. In Britain there is a great deal of net working, use of inter linking synergy/dynamics, there were some issues in the Media unofficially link with this project, some of the negative Press Her  Majesty the Queen was getting, the Palace decision to open its Gate to Tourism/visitors and start a line of  merchandising goods along our project - we had also discussed our plan with Officials of the Knight Templar of Jerusalem and St John. We then got a small unit with a Leading local  Farmer also a Lloyd name the rip off and the con, the harassment  some of the adverse effect associated, the great flood, the Petrol Strike, the foot and mouth epidemics and event of 11th September 2001 there were other issues.  We also contacted garment, T shirt, sport wear manufacturer in Mauritius, numerous correspondence to the then Priminister of Mauritius explaining our plan, stating the fact that it would be good for Mauritius and Seychelles and the Indian Ocean. We particularly addressed the owners of Star Knit Wear - they had taken exile in Mauritius from Seychelles and Zanzibar, on the strength of past acquaintance to assist us to build this Merchandising business. We had in place a small Team of Seychellois with various experiences, lawyer, accountant and Banker.

Kentish Fare - Farmers Markets

Parish of Headcorn


UNV Online Volunteering


There is the need to look at the approach, police practice under colonial Britain - then Mr Ashford - Head of CID, police issues and practice in Britain Ashford, Middlesex where MPR/SNM had their office, the Leader of exile opposition assasinated. Equally the need to look at police approach in Kent - Ashford where for the past 17 years important work for our Seychelles EU community have been network  from. Police duplicity, involvement to destroy, sabotage every effort for our Seychelles EU community. We have put a link to Ashford Market, history of the old Market when we came to Kent in 1991, the move to the new premise. The relation to our Auction, Advertising and community shop. 26/11/07

The Vietnam charity production  

A good friend/family, who know the Blair political connections - both had worked on the Kings Cross  Basin Development £32 millions/ the very rich Greek, they had been twice to South Asia. We discussed our going to Seychelles 2004, result expected. They had urged us to migrate with them to South Asia start a business. We could not join them instead they tried to purchase a small hotel in Sir Lanka - the 2004/5 Earthquake/Tsunami.

We had planned with some of the funds to set up a small merchandising charity in Vietnam - France - Seychelles. This would have given Seychelles valuable élan in certain Asian business direction too. To differentiate from the overpowering Chinese influence in relation to certain issues.

Given also that Mauritius had turned down any possibility for  production of  our T-shirt, sport wear and other garment there.

Our Seychelles EU Community have long relation/friendship 25 years, with the Vietnam exile/refugee in Britain, France rest of EU, the Francophone.                                           10/05/07

Virtual Seychelles - Government                 Small Enterprise Promotion Agency of Seychelles             Seychelles Polytechnic Online                                 Product desig

druid oak tree logo
Druidry 12 6.05.06
birth of templar

After the flood, the foot and mouth epidemic and events of 9/11 in USA we registered two company at Harley street, we got a very serious private accountant, the bankers NatWest and HSBC we gave then our business plan, the local business advice service, all they were interested how they could rip us off, skin us use our many archaic, political and others in relation with that coat of Arms - the merchandising business we had started to make £ millions and billions - then they would do everything to destroy our business - these are the same people that want to go and invest in Seychelles. Our protest all over the world and finally event of 2004/5 the great Earthquake and Tsunami the 500,000 who perished and $500 billions in economic destruction. The very corrupted, criminal corporate wrong practice in the world and Britain - we never got to make a penney. Other issues we have not mentioned here.


Birmingham and our merchandising business, that drunk woman/hand turn fag- very large bag christmas eve Flanders artist program today - the attempt we had made to start our community merchandsing from there 25/12/06 they utterly need that program for their economic continuation.

tsunami 2004

Indian Ocean Tsunami disaster december 2004

On the 4/01/07 we addressed a dynamic email to Seychelles pressing that we start a small venture in Seychelles,  offshore via PARDIWALLA & TWOMEY (Seychelles ) 32-1071 ... VICTORIA LAW FIRM a very leading law firm.


 Since last Summer,  we have corresponded with several parties of Air Bus, the Board, the share Holders interest group, the Trade Union, French media, EU archaic Institutions and the French politicians, the EU Commission, Parliament explaining certain important factor in relation with the failed Merchandising business or its success. Given the forthcoming celebration of 50 years Treaty of Rome addressed Chancellor Merkle Office, German Presidency of EU for the next six months, the very many program and festivities planned in EU and around the world the $billions that will be spent.  In view of our Seychelles EU Community historic contribution to the EU the past 30, example the COMECON change, the Berlin Wall and German reunification, EU enlargement issues, direct impute in EU economy building, important support to other EU institutions. To assist our community to produce and market a limited range of products which would have had very beneficial impact on the whole event.  In solidarity for the 10,000 workers who will loose their job we have put an advertising Logo of Air Bus on our portal, the important benefits they will get without paying a cent.

Just to make certain point clear to European Air Bus Consortium, German Chancellor Merkle and those who think this is media attraction we seek. Until we put that portal together the greater aspects of our Community functioning in EU, Indian Ocean, African Union and around the world was being miss represented, massive abuse existed of our interest, exploited by ruthless corporate interest - the world not told the truth. There are advantage and a disadvantage to this.

Again addressing the Air Bus consortium, those involved - there are several large projects around  the world build on, link/associated, dynamise/synergise dating to 1981 -86,  numerous multinational Air Line mergers, Air Port expansions, the European Transport Program. In the Indian Ocean, African Union, Indian Sub continent, Gulf Region, Asia, China, Scandinavia, Russia, Canada, USA, Latin America and the EU.

Indeed something is malfunctioning in our EU Community somewhere - with so much involvement, impute from our side yet our community system is so dislocated, disjointed. We ask those who are really concern to read our Seychelles EU connection forum, some of the issues we have presented. Having been involved, made the impute we do not have the resource to manage our interest in them - relied upon others, international prevailing practices.

It is about accountability, we have been involved over the past 25 years with the leading firms and institutions in the world.

11/03/07 - Our Seychelles EU community having been at the fore front of EU and Indian Ocean many important process, issues and events We ought to have come to term with the way certain things work. Because of the suffering of our French Ancestors,  our ancestors in the Indian Ocean. We had fully expected the parent company of Air Bus consortium EADS to have done their home work properly. Our community was importantly involved in the decision for the British Government discontinue Concord and equally the French government decision to discontinue Concord - We had/have the resources to impulse the joint manufacturer to develop and put in place better technology. We did not because of exactly the situation which have develop with Air Bus, they, the politicians, the corporate interest have used certain abilities our community have for the past 15 years, in public completely deny our existence and expect us to continue support Air Bus consortium. Do the high parties realize  what it means to have the responsibility which can lend to discontinuing a plane like the Concorde - the EU archaic institution must have the details too. If not something is very wrong somewhere. The European and French Trade Union have failed in their home work.

 2/08/07 We wander how many have read The issues we have addressed here regarding our effort to raise a very small sum of money to get that Heraldic merchandising business for our EU Community going. Just so we can earn some money to pay for the very basic for our community. (We also have link to marketing partner which you can visit in the process earn us a few $ nobody is doing this you all prefer to abuse what we have put together.) Many of you may be saying get involve in some scam and  we will have the money for the business. This EU Seychelles Community did not get to where it has by scamming. Those who believe in the great principal of Fraternal/archaic ethic know the world is watching, very many know what has happened and is happening - We want to address  all those who have some kind of arcahic/fraternal responsibility in EU, and rest of the world - you know there exist mechanism  to bring to sence and justice those who have grossly abused a given party. These are not issues that normal court entertain. Meanwhile the innocent and defenseless suffers. We have put below a couple of link to the devastating Flood in South Asia which have affected 20 -30 millions humans. The devastation - what is causing this, plain ruthless greed. On AKS and our forum we have address these issues. Those of you in Seychelles in those great villas and the thousands of new one you intend to build. With out the work of our Seychelles EU community you may not have been alive to appreciate those good things let alone those great villas. Because of the hardening position of Seychelles government, we decided to link several sites of the “Pied Norie organization in France and the Harkis communities in France” Asking for their support and help, Seychelles government is maintaining is hard stand against our Seychelles EU community and our effort to start a small production in Seychelles.We went out of our way to inform President Clinton Global Initiative and African Union Poverty Initiatives. We have put several links to South Asia Craft and Fair Trade to our portal and Herladic merchandising shop Those in Seychelles who just want us to “do things” so that big business and investments come we earn nothing.

Flood News

South Asia flood death toll at 1400

INDIA - BANGLADESH Desperate fury of flood victims

Floods hit 20 million and claim dozens more lives in South Asia

13/05/08     In our article above 2/08/07 we have gone some length to explain raise the other issues the scientist, politicians have refused so far to debate, discuss in public the other phenomena/mismanagement and corrupted abuses  related to the deterioration of the ecological situation and world environment. We have added a link to our forum and Blog on an article we have written. Meanwhile the terrible human pain, misery and suffering in Burma because of the cyclone and the Earth quake in China in both instances killing some 200,000  and making some 5- 6 millions homeless. Those evil authorities in Seychelles, the officials, the politicians their villas, their house and properties. Because of their dishonesty those who have been killed in the many so called ecological disasters, in the Indian Ocean and Asia in the past . How long much longer will they play that evil game. (Seychelles was a communist state, all the lands confiscated - only the party faithful got land and houses. With the SIROP etc. exile program of 1987/87 we historically changes this. Those who have regained their lands, properties, the government housing politic and the vast amount they have invested and the phase lll all the foreigners and greedy capitalist speculators who did not raise a finger to liberate the country from communist are now buying the whole island and the big villas being build - we do not have even a “tin toilet - coconut hut toilet” in Seychelles. Then they dare utter the words about Christianity, democracy, fraternal - archaic bench mark. They dare talk of their European heritage - from their graves and resting places our European ancestors will teach them.) Since they have forgotten there is a God in heaven all life and creation belongs to him - he brought their ancestors to Seychelles and the Indian Ocean, saved them from two nuclear destruction - holocaust

Burma cyclone: up to 50000 dead and millions homeless, but still ...

China earthquake kills thousands | World news |

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Euro Tunnel 1
Euro Star

Closing of Unesco Conference for SIDS - 16.04.07
Exploit cultures economic wealth, say delegates
Seychelles should further explore ways of deriving the economic benefits locked up in the countrys rich culture, said delegates and speakers from Small Island Developing States (SIDS), at the three-day seminar organised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco).

The wrap up session of the conference just before the closing ceremony on Friday afternoonSpeaking before the gathering ended on Friday, they gave the example of Jamaica which now reaps millions of dollars by spreading the positive aspects of their Rastafarian culture through reggae music.

They said the country also exports T-shirts with positive messages, while a country like Haiti makes a lot of money through the sale of paintings based on their ancient culture which features voodoo etc.

Agreeing with the delegates, in her closing remarks, the director general for Cultural Institutions and Policy Planning in the Ministry of The Arts, Culture and Sports, Raymonde Onezime, said that culture needs more recognition as a key player in economic development.

She said that whilst being recognized as the richest aspect of the human existence, culture tends to be relegated in importance, receiving less than other sectors in terms of personnel and budgetary allocation, a situation which she said occurs in most countries.

It has always been more urgent to ensure that the health of the nation is taken care of. The same goes for education. Recently, culture has had to compete with sports and the environment, she said.

Ms Onezime said that government must recognise that culture is an essential element of industrial and national economy.

She said it is true that small island states have limited resources in terms of land, minerals and industries, but they have in culture a strong asset that is yet to be fully explored and exploited.

She thanked Unesco for recognizing the potential in the SIDS culture and for their efforts to harness its power.

The issue of canvassing for the recognition of the economic potential of culture was brought out strongly by the director of the Dar-Es-Salaam-based Unesco Cluster Office, Cheikh Tidiane Sy, who said that culture can be the base for a viable industry that can prop economic development.

Delegates attending the seminar came from 18 countries, namely Australia, Reunion, Norway, France, Trinidad and Tobago, Fiji, Comoros, Papua New Guinea, Jamaica, New Zealand, Mauritius, Vanuatu, Guyana, Barbados, Jamaica, Seychelles, Tanzania and the United Kingdom.

 In spite of all the important benefit the government of JA Michel, the SPPF, the Tourism, Fishing, construction Industry, the nation have been receiving from the EU, their institutions – many other international institutions, on account of our Seychelles EU community Heraldic heritage – good will, even after the 2004 Earth quake/Tsunami, their continuous opposition to starting a heraldic merchandising wood craft production in Seychelles which would give not just only the nation, government, investors important kick back – the start of a complete new industry. Instead SEnPA, Seychelles Development Bank, SIBA, other agencies linked to the government ignores all our communication 2007 – on SEnPA forum next to our advert a massive Porno discussion started. The same reaction for certain religious movement, the families, friends and relatives involved over the past 3 years – taking their cue for the Government and SPPF. Through MySpace & Face book Seychelles network 29/02/08 we have also contacted certain prominent families – with historical links to heraldic, archaic, Francophone institution in Seychelles again their respond – taking their cue form the government and SPPF. {The election in USA, the Clinton family, the Heraldic merchandising craft business in Ireland and the USA.} 5/03/08



unesco natologo