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History & other Info

Important Sechelles - Seychelles French History

King Louis XIII



King Louis XIV


King Louis XVI


The "Lost Dauphin" -- Louis XVII

History of the Seychelles, 1756-1814

Louis XVII

Roi Louis XVII, bourbon. Naissance, mort, regne. Mystaire enfant



Carnets de Voyage ~ Amirantes ~

Librairie Ãsotorique Dix de coeur

Louis XVII of France


Historic First Settlers/Settlement of Sechelles/Seychelles by Brayer du Barre’

 Brayer du Barre

Brayer du Barre


La Compagnie fran§aise des Indes orientales -French East India Company

Compagnie francaise des Indes orientales

Compagnie des Indes

Thomas J. Schaeper -

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C18-L's Selected Readings, No. 93







Lt.Charles Routier de Romainville


L’Etablissement du Rois the Capital of Sechelles - Seychelles and Port Royal

Bougainville biography

French Navy Web Page


Louis Antoine de Bougainville Born: 11 Nov 1729 in Paris, France Died: 31 Aug 1811 in Paris, France

Parc Bougainville



Maison des Tyrel : 4e branche, les Tyrel de Sechelles



Jean Moreau de Sechelles

Catherine Moreau de Sechelles. ..

 Marie Hellne Moreau de Seche

Marie-Jean Herault de Sechelles


Le chateau de Sechelles a Cuvilly


Bertrand-Francois Mahe de La Bourdonnais

It was in 1778 that "L’Etablissement du Roi" was founded by Charles Routier de Romainville, the present day town of Victoria, "

Desroches Family Crest

Informations Seychelles




History of Sechelles - Seychelles

Roache's Family Heraldry (Arms) Page

Le chateau de Randan Puy-de-Da´me

Glosaire : Welcome In India


Cesar Gabriel de Choiseul-Chevigny, marquis de Choiseul, puis duc de Praslin et pair de France (1763), comte de Chevigny et de La Riviere, vicomte de Melun et de Vaux, baron de La Fleche et de Giry, seigneur de Chassy,

Count Francois Mahe de La Bourdonnais (1699-1753) was appointed in 1718 lieutenant de

Pierre Poivre       the French botanist who planted the Spice plantation in Sechelles - Gardain du Rois, Anse Royal and Panplemousses - Mauritius  The history of spice

Chevalier De Quinssy The last French Governor & 1st British govenor

Association des amis de Mahe de la Bourdonnais

300px-Vaux-le-vicomte-jerome-galichon-202 300px-Saintmalo

Commandants (subordinated to Île de France [Mauritius])
1744 - 1770 None
1770 - 1772 de Launay
1772 - 1775 Anselme
1775 - 1777 Le Roux de Kermeseven
1778 - 1781 Saint-Amant de Romainville
1781 - 1783 Berthelot de la Coste
1783 - 1786 Francois, Vicomte de Souillac       (b. 1732 - d. 1803)
1786 - 1789 Augustin Motais de Narbonne         (b. 1747 - d. 1827)
1789 - 1792 Louis Jean Baptiste Philogene de Malavois(b. c.1757 - d. 1825)
1792 - 1793 Charles Joseph Esnouf
9 Sep 1793 - 1810 Jean-Baptiste Queau de Quincy(b. 1748 - d. 1827)
Commissioners (subordinated to Mauritius)
1810 - 2 Jun 1811 Jean-Baptiste Queau de Quincy (s.a.)(acting)

Histoire du Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte

Bertrand-Francois Mahe de la Bourdonnai


Chasse traditionnelle en valle de Serre d'Agnicourt et Sechelles...

The French Revolution


Storming of the Bastille


Ecquevilly - Chateau de Romainville


Chateau de Ternay

On the Historic occasion to mark Prince William made a Knight of the Garter; publish the historic document of Sechelles - Seychelles great book of ancestory 15/06/08

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 - 1821)


Sechelles - Seychelles, Mauritius was ceded to Britain under the Treaty of Paris (1814) after the defeat of Emperor Bonapart.  However this did not erase the French blood line of the Seychelles French families, nor their archaic, historic, fraternal and cultural heritage and values, nor their tradition and belief. The vast majority did not sell or betray their allegiance Because of this we were made to pay, because of it we suffered in exile and are still suffering today

History of France


Why is it the world, its media refused and refuses to write the truth about our History, the very many, complex role of France, its people, later President Francois Mitterrand form 1981 - 1995 played in Seychelles politic, the 1st Government of Sir James Mancham, FA Rene, our OAU, COMECON and Arab League , Francophone, Soviet Union and China diplomacy, most importantly highly complicated events leading to His Holiness Pope John Paul ll visit, the role of Seychelles Exile community in EU diplomacy, the German Reunification changes in Soviet Union, our Italian - France, France - Vatican diplomacy, France’s politic and economy on account of our ancestral French heritage, reintroduction of multi party 1991 and the 3rd Republic. As and when we get the time will endeavor to write the version of our history - events. they will write about Reunion and Mauritius but not Seychelles .......

Institut Francois Mitterrand

Francois Mitterrand - Presidence de la Republique

We had indicated we would come back - below is a brief condensation of historical events and sequence. It is not the full version we intend to publish:

For those who really knew what took place the two leading Socialist leaders Dr Chancellor Bruno Kreisky and Primer Julio Androtti elected in 1976 not to exclude Dr Helmut Schmidt then Chancellor of West Germany. Particularly the Austrian role model and that underlined by Dr Bruno Kreisky to the Western Great Powers that with wisdom and appropriate diplomacy the Austrian had been able to make the Soviet Union leave Vienna/Austria with out a major conflict which was the case in Vienna after the ll world war partitioning.

Equally important, the small nucleus of European state, politicians who believed the EU had a future and its role – the above mentioned were feverent believers and those of us who led the change in Seychelles learned from them and believed in it. In comparison to Sir James Mancham who favored the USA and Britain so too the Leader of the Exile opposition Mr Gerrard Houreau. FA Rene who favored the Soviet Union and China and the former COMECON.

Those who had outlined, orchestrated, contribute to propell the Changes in Poland, the COMECON and possibly Seychelles and the Indian Ocean they used the Austrian - Dr Bruno Kreisky great world war ll experience with the Soviet Union to build upon.

The death of Pope Paul Vl who was frailed and ageing had been expected and foreseen. The then pressing argument to elect an Italian Pope in the person of Pope John Paul l, the power that had opposed/concern about his election. He reigned only 34 days died 28/09/1978, FA Rene Government had been in Office for one year - Sir James Mancham had been drumming military and financial support to oust him with whatever means. Certain important contacts had been established with Sir James Mancham exile Ministers and himself.

The embryo - project/concept to bring changes to the COMECON - possibly Seychelles, the Indian Ocean had started. The powers that came into play we will state it plainly not the CIA or Pentagon, there are those who argue it was the KGB - to convince the Cardinal to elect what had not been done for 450 years elect a Polish Bishop (the French, Italian powers, the Austrian importantly and the Germans with some impute from the West) then made Cardinal - Karol Wojtyla as Pope - who choose the name of Pope John Paul ll.

President Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev of Soviet Union was at the peak of his Office and political Statesmanship. Those who recall, knew Seychelles, the Indian Ocean, OAU - Africa and the Region will do well to remember this. The People Republic of China Power untouchable in Seychelles, the Indian Ocean, OAU - Africa> they guaranteed - secured most importantly the power of President FA Rene and others in the Region. They monitored very importantly the activities of Seychelles Exile for them self and Seychelles government.

Unlike Sir James Mancham and the Exile Leader approach Mr Gerrard Houreau former Seminarist to change Seychelles by force - Work had began seriously in Austria, Italy - the Vatican, France, Germany, Scandinavia to turn SPPF and FA Rene government into a more Socialist - instead Communist Party work of Socialist International.

Once again for those who really knew what took place, the relation of Dr Helmut Schmidt, Dr Bruno Kreisky and Dr Jiulio Andreotti 7 X Italian Premier - President Brezhnev. They had all seen/been convinced of the wisdom to elect Cardinal Karol Wojtyla as Pope John Paul ll

Beside the many international complex political developments, particular since Pope John Paul ll had taken Office, we do not have space to enlarge here - among events some three weeks earlier, incidents, reason, motivations which led to the strike in the Polish work led electrician Lech Walesa 31 August 1980.( At that state the CIA knowledge much to be desired)

In France 1979 Jacques Chirac was elected a Mayor of Paris and Valéry Giscard d'Estaing was the French President - certain aspect of our exile community role in the crowning ceremony of Emperor Jean Bedel Bokassa l ( they had supported the exile leader Mr Gerrard Houreau and Sir James with reasonable importance)

In 1981, the forces that be we will spell it bluntly the International Socialist Party with instrument form its Archaic institutions contributed to the French election, that of Socialist Candidate Francois Mitterrand. The Socialist International real battle/great Contribution to help change Poland, the COMECON, with the important help of the Holy Seat, the Indian Ocean, Seychelles and OAU - the respective role of USA, the United Nation

In 1982 October - Dr Helmut Koln was elected Chancellor - those that supported his election and why - the very complex reasons.

What must be noted here, to those who really know what happened - Britain had caused not just a great political vacuum, fiasco of both with events of Africa Independences and the African nation revenge on Britain for its past colonial atrocities. Though Margret Tacther was elected in 1979 most of the leading continental nations the Soviet Unions, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Holland, Spain, Belgium including the COMECON treated and called her the poorest, very bankrupt and sick man of European countries, including the UN. Any myth of British impute in the event of Pope John Paul ll election or the 1980 strike in Poland is fairy tales. They were far to busy keeping their nations and economy together. Not until late 1983/84 this began to change.

With the coming into Office of President Francois Mitterrand and Chancellor Dr Koln, the gravity of the Cold War had been challenged, the danger of a global Nuclear war - minimized. The question what to do for those involved with the vast Nuclear weaponry - in place had been debated ideas from Dr Bruno Kreisky to use the vast resource and money to revive the COMECON other poor developing countries, Arab regions and Latin America.

Please note this article though incomplete is reserved under copy right, not to be re-used in articles, manuscript, video, speeches, cartoon, reprinted etc with out the consent and approval of sey.com web master. sey.eu reserved all the copy rights and other rights as laid out by the EU respective and other international laws regulating such Copy rights.

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birth of templar

Jacques Chirac

Sarkozy en son palais

Nicolas Sarkozy

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