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 SBP- SeyeuAffiliate Business Program -, Among some of the issues, effort on our part to Promote the use of Internet and Service Providers in Seychelles, against the will and the wish of the then President FA Rene – the government, the method we used to encourage and contribute that those individual get together to set up Atlas Internet Service Provider and issues which ensued. {We are pleased and happy to see the current President very positive position on the IT}

We had long known and seen that the existence of the Tourism, Fishing, Light Industries, Offshore Services or related Bunkering Services would not be enough – do, to give meaningful earning possibilities to those young Seychellois intending and wishing to bring their level of earning and living to a European standard. Equally the important Female sector of our nation earning needs.

Our experience in Affiliate Business marketing goes back to Austria, the Syndicated affiliate in the many sectors we had been trained and worked. We had also studied the Moonies and Adna Kashogi syndicated business affiliate concept, began to put some of them in practice. Also in France, the Group FB, France Business Promotion and the Larousse family. Then 1981, when we first started working with Herbal life, the Group leader was from Australia, this was a strong Church Affiliate, Country Life and later Amway Britain - USA. Those who made a very great deal of money and indeed became very rich. { We got distracted and spent more time with our community activities – however we were able to introduce, explain to some members of our communities how the system works, those who poke fun and how they can earn serious money – income.}

On a larger scale again given the unique discipline we practice the indirect impact on a number of leading British, USA and European Marketing agencies. Including the company Saatchi & Saatchi way back in 1980 and issues of the change of ownership.

Part of the original concept to start, promote Conference Center, the issues of Seychelles conference Center funding - Training destination in Seychelles, which later became Seychelles International Classical Festivals of Music project, was to organize Conference and Seminar in Seychelles with the large Hotels for Affiliate Business Marketing.

Over the past 25 years the market and practices, business possibilities, money making possibilities and new products – models have expended to become the world economy very important sector. This with the arrival of Yahoo and Goggle Search and Advertising marketing and business concept. Beside others. ( How we made it possible for Atlas to be started in Seychelles, how we contributed for the same Internet Service provider to set up in Mauritius – the advance, interdisciplinary management we have been trained in and our Charter - responsibility for the Indian Ocean. We used the same discipline to contribute to the evolution of Yahoo and Goggle and others, the issues of Microsoft in Seychelles}

Today some of the most important countries in our Region their leadership, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, Philippine, Pakistan, the Gulf Region and many other African countries including Mauritius. The importance of this Market sector and industry to their national economy. Means of providing individuals, families to earn serious, clean meaningful employment. It also compels individual and those involve to think business – you are your own boss and run your own business.

The reason and motives for Seychelles, beside that SIROP etc exile program and as such had we been compel to take part in a government the need to provide work, employment and means of earning a living to the nation and families. . Seychelles and its people have a good and strong European origin, working and business ethic.

When we came to Seychelles in 2000 and 2004 that small Internet company at Anse aux Pins - we had very brief discussion and the owners of Kokonet, the introduction of 1000Ventures.com in Seychelles. We had done so with the intention of setting a proper company and body to work the Affiliate Business – Marketing Industry. The industry is worth and valued in USD billions and growing. {Meanwhile this Industry have began to establish itself in Seychelles, working well in Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar - the surrounding nations, and African Union}

We had known that Seychelles could not attract the many very important big investors, multinational to invest and set up business in Seychelles. Through Affiliate Business Program with proper Training, Affiliation, Association and appropriate national body to monitor it can and will develop into a very significant Industry.

All the talk of Stock Market, the Government corruption and people frustration. With SeyeuAffiliate Business Program - SBP, the user and those who intend to get involve, manage their respective portfolio, choose which multinational you - they want to work with. You do not have to beg, plead, lick any body back side, start a political war, all you - one need to do is study the many possibilities and sign a working contract.

Some countries boast of the leading International and Multinational that have residence business in their country. Seychelles could very well boast of very important - some of the very best portfolios in the world.

Seychelles and those participating can choose which multinational partner, their affiliate business program - be they USA, Britain, Canada, Russia, China, The Arabs Region, India, Malaysia etc.

This take the form of Internet Marketing. Promotion and mouth to mouth advert, the very many possibilities. There are vast possibilities for Training, Support, discussion and Seminars. Beside Conferences.

Depending the country you are residing there are in place a number of important regulation, bodies to regulate working practices.

In Seychelles one read daily the issues of forex problems – what must be underlined is that one is paid in forex not Seychelles money/currency.

Given the instance of employment and state of economy and situation around the world. These are not business that will go bankrupt overnight or collapse because of financial and stock market problematic or War crises.

Given this – like the government have gone out of their way to provide new education possibilities in Seychelles. The government and private sector could join together to start proper education, training and experience in the Internet Affiliate Business Marketing in Seychelles.

We have taken some important time to work, promote the affairs and interest of our Communities in EU, the distraction. Equally the experience we have gathered in new sectors of Affiliate Marketing.

One issue must be underlined – the need to maintained and created a clean name, any dishonest group or business entity wishing to set up this operation in Seychelles must be challenged and ruthlessly rooted out. Those who run such crooked operation taken to justice.

We deplore those from a certain old political party who have seen the misery of living in poverty in Europe and across the world, their efforts that people gets discourage and frustrated set in. Meanwhile they collect affiliate business cheques and other passive incomes. So as to make politic with the economics situation of Seychelles and the people needs.

This work, involvement and possibilities encompass the Voluntary sector, the Nurses, hospital, the Police, the Army, the Environment, the civil Servants, the College, school graduate, Technical schools, and political parties activist. Those in Pension, most important the vast army of unemployed.

We deplore the bigotry, those who do not know and just want to run down others who want to try anything. In the first instance they do not know anything or very little about the Affiliate Business Marketing Industry.

We are and have been members of many leading Forums, debated, challenging - informing the media bluntly the scam, some of the very dishonest practice which abound and prevails in some of the Leading nation’s Affiliate Business Marketing. Including their Justice Department.

There are many tourists who have come to Seychelles and have invested in Seychelles because of the money they have earned and are earning form the Affiliate Business Marketing global Industry.

One very important note, nobody needs to seek the IMF, UN - World Bank, Club of Rome or leading G8 Nations permission, the political parties to be part of the Multi $/Euro Industry or the Central Bank, Development or any Local banks or the SLA permission to do this business nor the African Union and their Financial Institutions.

People Search: We have scouted around for an alternative solution to the Google Search and Yahoo where one can earn some money. We have found this People Search Affiliate. It is not easy for those who have no knowledge of Affiliate marketing. Should you still be interested to join - it is a workable business not a scam. (Further our community network have the capacity to deal with scam) This can be worked from Seychelles too, you can contact our Seychelles community in Canada or USA or Australia for advice. There are forums with discussion on People Search. We are prepared to offer our best Affiliate experience and knowledge. Ideal if one person with serious head can join the top level - then all the other can join and build their business. We take our community responsibility very seriously and the EU relevant Laws. We also request members of Seychelles police, army, Civil servants to study and join.

Our Introduction is only a prompted one and so too our website content.

                           Contact us : SBP@seyeu.com


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