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A very great many visitors to our recipe section of our Seychelles EU connection portal will wander what “this is all about” . We have stated all along had we had the means or EU funding like any ethnic community, important benefits the people, multinationals, the respective governments of EU, the Commission,  we would have been in  the position to concept our Portal differently. There are numerous issues which the international community takes for granted, politicians and heads of State in Indian Ocean, the EU and else where. By concepting our recipe - cooking section of our portal the way we have  is endeavoring to highlight aspect of these issues. Prior to the last Iraq war we addressed certain issues to the international community they failed to take on board and address it. The Earth quake and the Tsunami came equally the same reaction. The Seychelles had been expected to have a new  government and people running the country, those involved are the same people who had wanted changes in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places - the bloody madness which prevails. Had this change taken place Seychelles would have been another mad house. Once again visitors will see that we have cooking by Toulouse Lautrec, we infer certain issues which got Lady’s Tacther Government in very big political trouble. This year has seen the going into the rainbow for our children, visitors politely put, of several prominent former Heads of State. Once again because we understand a great many other issues beside  “plain politic”, the archaic issues with out naming them all, the Irish President,  particularly ex president PW Botha, ex President Pinochet, the death of former Yugoslavian president Milosovitch and the forthcoming execution of former President Saddam Hussein of Iraq, the death of that Uzbekistan President and former President Gerald Ford. Next year presidential election in France and Priminister Blair going out of Office, the world have witnessed a severe kind of political madness these past 5 years- a move from traditional global politic. Every body aspiring to become a serious politicians is warned to understand the great issues of “cooking”. The world was on the brink of a nuclear midnight and on the eve of President Saddam Execution quote; Dr Henry Kissinger “ the West and civilized world have got the weapon to topple Saddam government without starting a war yet it choose war”. All these great state man understand know something about great cooking. To underline the issue President JA Michel was in Reunion Island on the eve of Christmas to talk political relation. We the Seychellois are 4/ 5th generation of French decent,  some nobility and other important French families. Our community made great battle impressing the respective British Priminister - you can do your best to break us with politic - you cannot change great “French and continental cooking and kitchen” Had our Seychelles EU community not undertaken certain major impute in the EU affairs and the Indian Ocean the end of the year would have been another “Annos Horribilus” When anybody enters any great kitchen there are tradition, values, standards, procedures which must be rigidly applied, observed otherwise “the Chef will loose his job and reputation and the establishment - great property”. From the Seychelles and indeed the Indian Ocean over the past 300 years many songs have been written about cooking and kitchen, from the Seychelles we have a famous song by John Wyrt excuse the spelling about the kitchen of “Ton Paul - uncle Paul implying Mr Paul Pillay of Point aux Sel,  one of the leading Protestant family at the time of Sir James Mancham government. Today we have Hon Paul Chow at the Head of the DP and “Uncle Paul Kitchen” is greatly to be desired. Should we, the world fail to follow the very basic principal of “cooking and the kitchen” in normal and archaic issues we will find our self in very big trouble come 2007/8. The Seychelles EU Community is scattered across the EU,  in one form or  another they have to eat the food of the country they have chosen to reside as well as past heritage recipe from France, Britain or the Indian Ocean. There are also the issue of the former COMECON, their great cooking , tradition and other values,  they were friends of Seychelles in spite of joining the EU  their cooking will not change.  What about the great moto of life, biblical writing - “a man and nation is what he eats”                                             27/12/06

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