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Welcome to FECAS - ECSVS

Federation Europenne de Communaute et Association Seychellois - FECAS

The beginning and founding of FECAS short for the above is very complex and interesting. The concept began taking roots, shape in Salzburg Austria, under the Castle before the People Revolution and coup d’etat took place in Seychelles 5th June 1977; in fact the birth of the idea took place in Tirol, issues to do with Sud Tirol movement and other such movement.

We had come across Sir James Mancham representative and had read about others, decided there was a need to have an organization to promote the none diplomatic of the or any Seychellois residing in Europe then. There was the need to promote our culture, history with out being ashamed and pointed out as little Seychellois, no where on the map. There was the need to promote the ancient , archaic heritage of the Seychellois in Europe, the need to have a body to bridge the European ancestors of the Seychellois and the migrants or exile as in our case.

We encountered a great deal of people who had wanted to know why they want to go to Seychelles and we had fled Seychelles. Inevitably a great deal of information, began to surface. We acted as quasi un appointed Tourist and business ambassador in parting with information and giving recommendations, references. Seychelles of 1976 was relatively unknown to the Germans, Italians, Swiss, Austrian the regions we traveled and lived. So to the media and leading European politicians, their institutions.

It was not until we rented a small 1 bed flat in Salzburg under the castle intending to stay there longer that things began to move. We made the acquaintance of the Local media boss and Student officials many other officials and business men. We had had to flee Seychelles and had to explain a very great deal. Everybody we had met ask the same question how could you leave everything you had and come and stay in cold Austria , Europe. Shortly on 5th June 1877 we read in the local leading paper that there had been a coup d’etat in Seychelles an the detail. The leading local papers we had been in contact had wanted to know everything. So we told them everything and a great deal more that other media in Europe had not been told.

Events moved very rapidly, from Salzburg we moved to Vienna, the rest being history with very many telling their versions. The concept of FECAS - ECSVS was firmly alive.



History background of founder in Sechelles Seychelles

During our youth we had been privilaged to have listen to daily discussion by individuals like Mr Adam, Mr Finlay Roselie and several others on Seychelles politic and social issues.

We had also known several of the Old Victoria District Council leading personality.

We had known officials of the Old Seychelles Planters Associations and listen to their debates.

We have been privilaged to have watched many times Archbishop Makarios visit to the Seychelles police station and his assistants - impressed by him.

As a School boy we have been privilaged to be given after class tutions by Archbishop Chang Hing.

We have been privilaged to be privy to discussion by a number of leading British Colonial officials in Seychelles, East Africa on very many aspect of Seychelles. 

We have been privilaged to know USA Officials of the former Satelite Tracking station in Seychelles

We also attended school in East Africa where a number of the student came from political background and later became important government officials.

We have known personally Sir James Mancham as a young politicians and FA Rene and the ministers on both sides, talked and conversed with them.

We have known Sir Guytan Duval from Mauritius.

Our Primary school overlooked the Govenors Residance todays state House. We had to pass there every day to go and have our school meal. The school was located among the residential area of the British colonial administration elite.

We also nearly daily passed the old French colonial cemetary at Bel air, the resting place of many very prominent founding Seychellois, nobility, French families.

We have also known personally the officials of the government printers and Le Seychellois.

Early French & British Colonial Administration - PDF

FECAS - ECSVS 1997 draft Annual report - PDF

president Makarios in exile
Seychelles police station

This a picture of Sechelles Seychelles police station across where as a child we used to watch President Makarios in Exile reporting to the police station, then Union Lighterage, Mr Levy Ah Wan cobler’s shop, Mr Desire AhTime shop, Maitre Loiseau Office

Space reserved for pictures

The District of Saint Louis and its Cantons   By Julian Durup, a student of history

images louis ix

Louis IX of France

images st louis
St Louis old map

  Part of Plan Terrier de l’ile Mahe by CJ Hoart August 1829. NB Port Victoria 


Picture of Slazburg where we had been living, Richenhaller Strasse, beneath the Castle. Our decision to get involved and start some kind of organization for our Seychelles Community in Europe, the Von Oswald family. On 5th June 1977 we were told - read, of the Coup detat in Seychelles.


We have added a picture of Strasbourg. The issues of Strasbourg Colonial Seychelles. Where the foundation of EU was decided. Those in Vienna 1974, who knew of our history, archaic, fraternal, heraldic, Christian values. Those who had supported us, prominent Austrian politicians, institutions, royal - nobility, issues which made events then. Of reasonable relevancy, young Pierrot Frichot restaurant studies then. Those around President F Mitterrand who monitored our issues and affairs.The Pied Noir in France, Israel Secret Services. The SDA community, the business community, the CIA, KGB,the Chinese, BOSS. It was from Hotel des Prince, where we considered seeking political asylum in France after the mega SA mess up - advised to move to London. Among other issues our Historic contribution that the European Parliament be set up in Strasbourg. We stayed at 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn - Brent, the Irish community. From then to date, the vast event of History related to EU. 17/12/09

We made the efforts to try and get some old photos in the National archives of what the old street used to look like, Delpech garage, the Hunt Deltel building, Michel building, Union Lighterage, the Morel Du Boil office, the old Mancham restaurant, the old Taxi stand, Mouliner building. The heart of Sechelles - Seychelles Colonial business life - we had to many things to sort out. For our visitors, youth have added three pictures of the new street, and buildings. The first shop is where all the old Seychellois politicians, lawyers, business man, police man and other local officials would stop and talk, debate the latest is Seychelles colonial issues, Court case - judgment. This is where we got our political education from. My uncle cobler’s shop. 9/12/09


We had indicated we would be adding a picture of 25 Haselmer Ave in Hounslow where we had started a Community Centre. The house with the two lion and the ceader tree was the is/was the place.


UKSCA had had an office in Wandsworth Old town Hall, we apply for funding in Hounslow - the issue of the Centre Mr Gerrard Houreau had started in London, Westminister Council. The Old waybridge building (picture above painting by Mr Du Buission and Ascot football team) in Housnlow where our community shared office facilities with HVA and others. The Office facilities was officially for UKSCA only, we used it for the historic SIROP/Alliance/DP/CDU/SNM/SNP exile return program. When the Council decided they were to going to demolish the building they move the community - UKSCA to an office in a porto Cabin. 1985 -1989


We had also said we would publish a picture of the Half WayHouse, South Hall, Britain the Pub our Community was importantly involved in, very many important functions were held there, the last major function was on the announcement that multi party was being reintroduced in Seychelles. We learnt that the Pub was burnt two years ago, all that is left is the board above picture.

Space reserved for pictures

The Political Parties in Seychelles 3rd Republic :-

 SPPF  -                         SPUP  

 - Hodoul              

 - Dr H Stevenson Delhomme Party - SNP - Parti                                         Seychellois    

 - SDP   -                         New DP

 - Berlouis Faction               -  CSP

 - G Morel/ Boule Coalition        -  CN/DP

The Historic events in the former COMECON, USSR, OAU, Germany Reunification, China and political changes. Most important this leading to multi party politic returning to Seychelles and the 3rd Republic come into being.

Those political parties in Seychelles since the 3rd Republic, their power base, business, political, diplomatic and church/religious, social, ethnic, cultural interest in Seychelles and the region

Equally their connections, business, political, diplomatic etc .. interest in EU - Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Austria, Spain Ireland, all the former COMECON countries, Russia. To what extent they battle it out to build and maintain, guard their respective interest.

Seychelles facing an unprecedented challenges, the new cultural diversity. The demand on democracy. Most important those large economic development to absorb the new rich investors, European settlers, Arabs. They will not start their own political parties, they will need to get involved, support - promote their interest via one of those existing political parties. This also include the many EU Institutions, political parties, corporate interest, church, philanthropic and other interested parties, their States. Needless to say the AU and Gulf/Arab politic.



European Council for Seychelles Voluntary Services - ECSVS

 The German, Italian, Swiss, Austrian Voluntary institutions, legislation, regulations, charters, laws are very different to the British and French. So to the way they are organized and operated.

We began them in Salzburg for personal and information purpose, how they could help.

Indeed in spite all the great talk about history and archaic heritage. the benevolent bodies, charities function very different to what we know in Britain and France their laws, regulation, governance rigger and complex. Their approach is highly patronizing.

It was not after we had taken contact with Sir James Mancham official and indeed himself that we decided to radically rethink what we were up to. The first batch of exile exodus had began and numerous rumors were circulating. We were privilege that we got to meeting some of the best media based in Vienna, the UN organization based there, the very many important diplomatic representations, OPEC, the Atomic energy Agency. We had endeavored to make as much contact. In many instance they were fairly open and gave their frank advice. Thus was borne the radical idea, concept on how to change Seychelles, how to go about it and what orientation. The idea that Seychelles would be safer in an European camp as compared to a Soviet Union, USA, Britain, France was born.

The issues of our Nation, exile, community, families, desperate situation, our ancient French royal, old Republic links, heritage, great French families had arisen and all this meant. A very great many powerful business men and syndicates were interested too - so to many soldiers/adventurers.

It was not until we were compelled to take exile in London 1981 after two important efforts to change the situation had gone very wrong, a strong discussion with Officials of the government in Exile, the SNM/MPR Executives, against the view of the two leading political exile faction - that we began to lay the grounds for a long term solution, build grass root structures, networks with a view to looking at the long term stay of our Seychelles exile/refugee communities in Europe. Categorically stating so. To arrive at this conclusion we had used our European knowledge, experiences. We had met many leading Seychelles in Europe, political figures, officials, media’s, Ambassadors, business executives of all kinds.

When we relate events, issues over the past 27 years in relation to building a Seychelles Community in Britain -EU. Given that the Seychellois are a christian nation with out the help, support, impute, contributions - prayers of the Church we would not have got very far, they have supported us in some of the most difficult moment and contributed to giving our children spiritual foundation in life.They will continue to do so in the future they also relate our issues, need to other christian body in EU and Churchs, including Seychelles - Africa.  For the very many bad publicity our community have recieved that we spend most of our time in Bars, cafe, pubs fights. Below is an important link of the churches in Hounslow where a large section of our British community is to be found.  old isleworth churches   

St Michael and Martin church

http://www.rcdow.org.uk/hounslow/    The Roman Catholic Diocese of Westminster   

http://www.spreadshirt.net/shops/38000/37790/37790/img/37790_header _en.gif


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