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Versailles the Royal residence, the Senate today, the very many important French national and International Institutions Sechelles - Seychelles French side of history was made over 250 years ago. French Republic 45 years ago when Seychelles French family remigrated to France - our Exile/refugee community began cultivating those important contacts conncetions 30 years ago. Many of our Seychelles friends and acquaintance visited Paris and lived on Boulevard St Marcel Paris 13em not far from the former Bastille - the very many discussions, events. Most important the impact that not just important institutions - but leading personalities like President Francois Mitterrand, President Jacques Chirac have played, impacted our affairs, social development and in turn impacts, important events in the EU, the World and the Indian Ocean.


The right hand picture is the Pheu-Caple le Fern, the memorial they built. The picture next to it, Dover Castle, in between is Caple Court Country Club, the Minuette “Princess Diana” Caravan they stole and the Emperor mobile office ex NortWest Holst construction, SGE - France. The application we made to Calais Town Hall to start a Seychellois Center, With part help from a South African network to develop a web presence and restructure FECAS-ECSVS, the Conseil, our community coat of arms was sketch in Folkestone Library and Caple le Fern. 1993-1996


The chateau of the Sechelles family in France

On behalf of the Seychelles communities in EU and in keeping with our Ancestral tradition, We bid you welcome to the Home page of Sechelles Seychelles EU Connection

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Above are two picture Amsterdam 1100 - 1400 A picture of Nijmegen after the historical battle - the classic film a bridge to far. Beside the Mauritius colonial heritage, the Dutch East Indies, later South Africa their role in our history. The Seychelles families, community have played and contributed very importantly to numerous issues in corporate and political which contributed to events of 1991 in Seychelles History. The Seychelles Airport and Harbour was reclaimed by the Dutch, the Phase lll Development was also done by them. We have addressed our problematic to the International court of Justice.We have requested to the Dutch government for our Conseil to be based there.

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berlin wall
berlin arch
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prag castle

In presenting our Seychelles EU Connection Home page in the manner we have is to underline to the world, the EU Institutions, the Seychelles nation in the Indian Ocean and the world, the mass media the complexity of our EU community heritage and values. A very large percentage of our community do not know these issues - our effort here is to educate and bring the issues forward.


The text of the European Constitution 21/07/07


The Seychelles EU communities, and its respective archaic/fraternal bodies wish the people of Seychelles, sisters and brothers - the President of the Republic, the government, opposition parties, our communities around the world, the church -religious institutions, Diplomatic & Economic representatives around the world, friends and visitors to our shores, the many who have contributed and accompanied us on our challenging journey, a God fearing happy 35th Independence anniversary and celebration 29th June, 1976  -  29th June, 2013

The State House translate difficult in French - Chambre D’Etat. Hence our translation Le Chateau de La Nation              The residance of the President of the Republic of Seychelles


Admiral Dom Vasco da Gama (c. 1469 - 1524) I Count of Vidigueira, 6th Governor and 2nd Vice-Roy of India The fleet under his command left Lisbon harbour on July, 8th 1497 and after having passed the Cape of Good Hope, Mozambique island, Mombasa and having obtained an experienced Gujarati pilot at Malindi, first sighted the Malabar coast of India on May, the 18th, 1498. The arrival at Calicut was three days later. (Where it all started from the Sechelles - Seychelles prospective.) History of Portugal (1415-1542), In 1502 - Vasco da Gama (his second voyage & 4th Portuguese Armada to India) on his return from Calicut to East Africa sighted islands which became known as the Amirantes - later part/Island of Sechelles/Seychelles. The granitic islands began to appear on Portuguese charts as the Seven Sisters.To differentiate from the discovery of Diego Garcia - part of later Sechelles/Seychelles, Mauritius and Reunion Island in 1512 by Pedro Mascarenhas,


Center Piece of Seychelle Nut and Gold

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

With out having to refer to our Ancestral French historical and archaic heritage. The Seychelles community in EU took a page from Spain history, events leading to General Franco era, the similar situation in Seychelles - the British did not quite understand why our community working and friendly relation with the Spanish people. We thank this nation in spite of the bitter wars with France their support to our community effort the past 30 years. Other Spanish speaking communities who have supported us across the EU. We have a community in Spain, the decision for the Spanish government and Seychelles to base the largest fishing fleet and their contribution towards our nation fishing industry.

Above is a picture of ancient London and a picture of Buckingham Palace. We do not need to go into our colonial History. We have many Seychellois of British decent their sadness at their treatment. The Seychelles was meted the same fate as the other African colonies. We have been severely betrayed which resulted to event of 1977, the bitter exile and suffering. We mean no disrespect to the Monarchy. There are some 7,000 and by far the largest Seychelles community in EU, the old East African community. Most of the leading exile politicians took exile in Britain - it has been from here that we led our fight and bitter war to return multi party to Seychelles. The very many historic and important issues. Particularly British - French,  continental rivalry. Britain role, politic in the EU , the Commonwealth which have affected, scared  our community and nation. Other  important British Institutions which have influenced our history and affected our nation, EU community is the Church of England, the Archaic - Fraternal Establishment. Again like the German Nation the role our community have played to rebuilding Britain economy after its collapse - Independence process of its colony and our community contributions to Britain wealth and economy today, their denial. From Reunion Island there have been great state man, scientist, personalities - the British deny that from Seychelles anybody out standing can be found, instead the very terrible treatment. The issues of the many East African communities in Britain, the Mauritian some 60,000 above, the Illois - Diego Garcian community. Importantly many of our leading individuals from Seychelles buried in British soil - how they died  Our Seychelles British community have suffered from social traumas.

Greece and Seychelles have had a long relation in modern time and their community in EU with ours, their very many help, support, corporate work. they have for a very long time been involved ion the economy of Seychelles - the effort of Greek to build a more dynamic economic relation. We have a Seychelles community there scattered. After events of 1991 our British community turned to them for support and encouragement. Their experience in Britain. The know and are aware of our French  European archaic and fraternal heritage. They equally understand the British culture and ways of doing things. We have had their support at EU Commission level too.

There some issues in the world not many would understand or even try. It is not about racist issues. We began re linking our EU community heritage with the Scandinavian well over 50 years ago. They came to Seychelles took part in the building industry and for a time ran the only cold storage facilities and smoke fish business. In Britain in particularly those who think they are a special people - we have learnt to treasure and value our ancient European heritage. They have come to our rescue and help during the Cold War era and the putting together of the SIROP - later Alliance exile return program. Again the USA- the White House and many other who did not know the true values of our Seychelles ancestrage and connection. Over the past 30 years our community and nation have build a very good relation with the Scandinavian countries. We have communities scattered there. They have a unique role in the EU Institutions and functioning. We have integrated some of the archaic values in our EU community coat of arms. To our British Seychelles community please take the time to value our treasures. They also take the issue of Tolken Ring more seriously than the greater British people.

The people and nation of Seychelles have a very rich heritage - we are not condoning FA Rene politic or government, beside the existence of the COMECON countries - Warsaw Pact, Seychelles Protocol with them and many economic ties. On account of our French ancestral heritage we discovered a great sense of journey - we encountered great friendship for citizens of those countries in the West. We explained our history and culture. Our nation and community in exile have build a very rich and profound friendship with them - our joint destiny, the work, endeavors our EU community made to support them, network with them. foremost how we used our French ancestral archaic heritage which they had lost to dynamise our exile return program, confront some of the more powerful obstacle we encountered. The many of them who had fled to the West knew what we were talking about. We also knew in our battle and journey we were not alone. History has cheated us if the truth be told our nation would have an important place not because of Indian Ocean, because of our EU heritage which we very effectively used. In doing what we did we contributed to bringing freedom to them, Christianity, rediscover their archaic and fraternal lost values. Our community contributed to rewriting, concepting of the the EU enlargement politic . The nations we are particularly close to is Rumania, Chekosloviakia, Yugoslavia, Poland, Hungary. We trust and have recommended since the change in the COMECON system that our EU community and government maintain this important relationship - the journey continues. We have Seychelles families in Prague. This is aspect of our values the British have done everything that it does not surface.

The above is the Royal arch in Bruxelles and Aux armes de Bruxelles we have Seychelles families, the community there who have been at the fore front of community struggle - battle to return democracy to Seychelles. Their important role to lead the Opposition and Government in Exile, their support for the SIROP - Alliance/SNM program, their contributions to our vision to build due infrastructures for our Seychelles EU community-there and the beginning of FECAS-ECSVS. In the process some of our important input in the EU Commission Institutions by our community. Our reason.

The Seychelles nation, ancestral/French, British conflict with the German. We have a large community across Germany before the unification. History has done us great injustice - during the Cold War the great efforts by many German and Seychellois to contribute to change in Seychelles. Importantly the leading German politicians who supported and contributed to our very many efforts, their Trade Union. We have very great respect for late President F Mitterand. Our community appreciated the single mindedness of the German to solving problems. Should the truth be told the unique synergy - contribution our community made which led to events of the Berlin Wall, Germany reunification, the issues of the Treuhand. We trust the German nation and their archaic institutions in their hearts of heart will remember in their history the unique role we played. Any nation that cheat and lie in their history always encounter problems

We have a picture of Old Rome and the Vatican. The Seychelles /French ancient historical issues, religion- the Catholic church, the role they played in early colony, through out the 200 years of our history. Their contributions to bring peace and multi party to Seychelles, particularly the role of the late Pope John Paul ll the very important support through out the EU by their very many institutions. We have an important Seychelles Community there. As well we have many Italian families with rich archaic heritage who have brought great wealth to the Seychelles and prosperity their very important contributions - in Seychelles modern corporate practice. Our community, the nation institutions have very important link to Sardinia, Sicily, Northern Italy, Tuscany and Rome, the many important historic contributions to our EU community and some of its infrastructures.

Picture of Salzburg where we had been living, Richenhaller Strasse, beneath the Castle. Our decision to get involved and start some kind of organization for our Seychelles Community in Europe, the Von Oswald family. On 5th June 1977 we were told - read of the Coup d’etat in Seychelles.

This is a picture of the chateau of Angers - Loire, and Saint Vincent de Paul close by the Oldest hospital in France. We left three suitcases with all the details of the SIROP, Alliance, DP/CDU/SNM exile return program 1987 -1991 for safe keeping, all the documents about a concept for a pan EU organization for our Community FECAS-ECSVS, notes on the Berlin wall - German Reunification, COMECON -Poland change and USSR change issues. The Iraq War reasons, papers/issues.. Burning issues about Lady Tacther and John Major government. 1979 - 1989, important EU Archaic/fraternal issues.


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