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A brief history of the horrendous and ardourous, tribulations, massacres, killing, beheading, tortures, burning, imprisonment, persecutions, deportation -exile, exodus, history of the ancestors  their decendents, the 4th - 5th generation of French nobility - French families making up and leading the affairs of the Seychelles EU community - known as Seychellois.

1- The decendent of the Seychellois EU Community leading the affairs, playing the principal role, taking care of the archaic, historic, fraternal heritage of their community are decendent of the 4th and 5th generation of French families, nobility, who had to flee France about the time of the Templar persecution - King Phillipe reign and the horrendous - barbaric religious persecution in France and the Roman Catholic Church.

2- They are the decendent of French families, nobility who fled from France, Europe because of the Religious persecutions date .......the religious wars, between the Holy Roman Catholic church and the Protestants and  Hugenoute.

3- They are the decendent of French families, nobility who had to flee for their lives at the time when the Revolution was taking place across Europe, Monarch, Royalty, noble families were being remove, killed, beheaded, massacred - the French Revolution - the erosion of the the establishments, then institutions, Court Institutions, barbaric, brutal, execution of the King and Queen of France and their nobility,  the storming of the Bastille. The Establishment of the Republic.

4 - They are the decendent of  French families, nobility who had attempted to assassinate, bring and end to the Republic under Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. They were tried, found guilty and deported to the Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion.

The same people of 4th and 5th generation of French nobility and other decent can be compared to nation of Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria and the lands of the region when their Monarchy, kings and kings, nobility were being executed, butchered,  the many terrible history and wars, they fled to Canada, Quebec, USA, South Africa. Our ancestors fled to the Indian Ocean, Mauritius, Seychelles, Reunion and Madagascar. As well as the East Indies.

Colonial disporria and hardship. They were constantly harassed by the British colonial powers, mishandled, mistreated by the Authority in France - government of the day and like goods after battle of Waterloo between Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte  - the French empire then - concept and the of Duke Wellington - the British Empire. Without their consent, opinion, they were subjected to the British Crown and Empire to be debased, belittle, mistreated, abused, exploited and hated.

Because of events which had taken place generations earlier, because they were decent of nobility and French families or such from the date of the Treat of Vienna to our Independence 1976. Their relation ship with France and French institutions was not a happy and dynamic one. France showed a medicorce largess towards them and their efforts in the Indian Ocean - they were very much on their own.

1st and 2nd world wars, During those two wars several leading Seychellois  joined, fought and played their roles. (Details to be researched) By then the Seychellois was made up of British families - Nationality too.

Like the destruction of the French monarchy, French Kings and queens, nobility. The turning point in the History of the Seychelles/Seychellois nation was events of 1977, the People Revolution in Seychelles, led by FA Rene of the SPUP which saw imprisonment, persecution, harassment,  of many of those families, their decent and children. Also those that were killed.  Once again  the hand of fate had dealt them a bitter blow, They fled Seychelles for Europe, Australia, Canada, Quebec, USA, South Africa. Their properties, confiscated, nationalized - 4/5 Generation of very painful, unrewarding, very hard toil destroyed overnight. They fled with only their lives and few belongings - with utterly nothing to restart life Europe.

Once again, they were mistreated, threatened, belittle, persecuted for their colonial history and the history of their ancestors. In France they have been snobbed, ill treated, oppressed, misrepresented for the very same reasons. Their fate in Britain is not much better if anything far worse. Across the then EU 30 years ago and todays EU they are being, mistreated, misrepresented, ignored, belittled, oppressed as children, decent of 4th - 5th French generation of Nobility and such families, those that had fled Europe many persecutions. 

We have joined hands, our efforts with French decent of nobility and others in Canada, Quebec, USA, Britain, France - EU countries, Australia, South Africa to seek support, expose our history and cause. To enlist their moral support in our undertakings and efforts to surmount, the uphill struggle battle we have faced and have on our hands. Equally their archaic, fraternal and religious institutions.

The numerous appointed Consuls by the government/regime  of the day in Seychelles in EU to represent, taker up the cause, promote the interest of the Seychellois,such people. families have not been such. They have mostly abused their positions, for prestige, wealth creating and influence whilst they very needs of the Seychelles community of French nobility, French and other EU decent is totally ignored.

We the 4th and 5th generation undertake, vow not to let it happen. We have been addressing the many EU and International Institutions and the Judiciary, government Officials and many Parliaments underlining the horrendous history of persecution, oppression our ancestors have suffered - we are suffering. Mistreated and Rights in the many EU Countries, ignored, abused and thread upon, eroded.

Several - numerous nations who have suffered similar fate have addressed their history, their causes to the International and EU Institutions. After the fall of Communism, the COMECON numerous nations haver been restituted, compensated. Across the Balkans, former Soviet Union, East Germany. Equally so outside the EU. The case plight, debate for some kind of restitution, compensation, account for the Seychelles EU community of French nobility and such decent utterly and totally ignored.

It must be noted they led the great effort that brought about the changes in former COMECON, Soviet Union. Their efforts to contribute to the EU we have today. In former East Germany and other former COMECON state the many families who had had their property, wealth confiscated - had them restored, compensated - we have not been. Foremost their efforts to bring changes in Seychelles their former home, multi party democracy, freedom, justice and equally economic opportunity for all. Upon their effort the 3rd Republic in Seychelles, important historic changes in the Indian Ocean Region.

Upon the efforts of the decent of the French nobility and such French families we made it possible for some 250,000 or more Soviet Jews to migrate to Israel. With out our historic efforts and contribution to change the COMECON the Jewish people of the Nazi Holocaust and other would not have been compensated and had their property restituted - the huge amount of $ 5 billions and above. The world attention and media coverage.

Based upon the principals of our French forefathers, nobility and the such we have strived to play our role, contribute to economic and wealth creating in the countries where our community, families have fled and settled. In instances we have contributed to development, construction, national projects of immanence and historic proportions. Particularly in France, Britain, Germany, Italy,  Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and Scandinavia.

Upon such reasoning, argument they equally contributed to the reestablishment, reinstitution of monarch, kings, their families in former COMECON, quasi archaic life in Russia and surrounding nations. To certain degree in EU, their fate complete overlooked and neglected.

Likewise they can take due credit by the same argument for the reintroduction of democratic values in former COMECON, Soviet Union, Christian values - Religions, Western judicial practices, educational values,  archaic and Fraternal institutions reestablished.

They have equally played an important if not a unique role in mankind history and the world. Those that constitute a community in 1977/78, choose to alter the course of mankind with/over the Nuclear Armaments Race, posture, mind set involving the West, the Soviet Union - COMECON, France, South Africa, China and the Cold War. They put in place a radical global political thinking -  moving away from the confrontation and there by avoiding a Nuclear War.

They have equally contributed in other important development of the world, directly and indirectly. The concepting of the WWW and other major scientific, economic developments, achievements and discoveries, political treaties and trade treaties. Issues of great social dimensions. They are not being credited for their efforts and contributions. They are attribute for only what goes wrong and when others have utterly mess things up.

The uphill, tortuous, painful and  arduous efforts for us to set up a Council - Conseil - Raad - Rath at the head of our EU community, other relevant infrastructures, bodies and Net works must not be taken for granted and lightly. Our effort to legitimized it - make the public know

Across the EU the Seychelles Government are purely content to collect the benefits of  their works, fruits of their labor and toil. In many instance they are ignored by Officials in Seychelles, their national institutions and media.

We are supposed to live in a democratic EU, with all the promises and expectations, without fears. Our children - the next generation are being educated in the many aspect of democratic institutions, values in EU and the World. This is obviously not the case for them. What will their future be -hold.  These are some of the priorities, undertakings and commitments of our Seychelles EU Council - Conseil - Raad - Rath and other bodies, organizations and networks we have set in place, en devouring - striving to set in place.

They have equally studied in depth other communities of varied ethnic and national backgrounds, historic complexities across the EU, their concept for such a Council - Conseil - Raad- Rath, its legitimacy and functioning - democratic purpose.

The Group - interim Executive of the Council - Conseil - Raad - Rath

June 1981




The wisdom is to take a very disadvantageous situation and turn it to your advantage.

The Seychelles people has and is a very complex conbination of History and events over the centuries, the very reasons they found themself in the Indian ocean, the bloody wars of Europe then, the brutality which reign and existed in Europe. Our ancestors fleeing with just their lives and starting afresh.

The fundamental, very reason for the state of their affairs lied in the understanding, conception of democratic accountability, social harmony, neighbourly relation, nation reasoning and land, so to the rulers, nobility, farmers and people which occupied them. Until they fled Europe our ancestors had been grippling, constantly waring to come to term with sharing equal, similar values with one another.

This scenario repeated itself times and time again in their new found colony until as 1991 when Seychelles founded the 3rd Republic.

To arrive at this we must look at history, the efforts of the Planters association to form a Government Like Ian Smith of Rodesia fearing very much that British meddeling, interference would lend to a total fiasco - they hesitated and the fiasco came for 25 years and is still with us.

However life and the heritage of our ancestors good to us. In fleeing to exile in Europe the opportunity was given for us to learn on our mistakes, learn the way democracy is practiced in Europe and to endavour to apply it to our situation.

History is revisited the Seychelles Community in Europe, todays EU has endevoured to put together and maintain seriously speaking 2/3 government in Exile under various Leader ship. A very great deal went into thinking, planning, managing, the implication and safe guarding it. Given they were war situation.

Parallel to this we have had members, individuals who had formed part of this government in exile efforts to look at and lay the foundation of a long term should it be that we never can return to Seychelles a more radical governing mechanism in the form of a Conseil - Council, Raad, Rath etc. to come to this they have had equally to envisage - visionised other infrastructures and supporting bodies.

To achieve this they were compelled to look across Europe the many small community of European origine that have been been opressed, the have suffered at the hands of history, the many wars in Europe and democratic attempt. They have all discovered if they are not united they are at the mercy of nation, government, establishment, ruthless politicians, those that promise to assist, help sort out their lot and given then a change. This has been our fate the past 30 years.

However we believe that history and life, the God of our ancestors have looked favourably upon us. We have been able to look very deeply in our history and archaic heritage and seek the strenght, inspiration, courage to help ourself. As a result we have managed to write a place for our self in mankind history. The Seychelles origines are from mostly French decent - it is upon those values that we today who have been striving to build a Conseil for our Community have turned to. Across France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Poland there are several of this commuity to be found.

With the available democratic support of the EU Institutions the Seychelles Commuity in EU can build a very serious and formidable governing body answering to the democratic principal of society, its communities across the EU and respecting rules as laid, spelled out by the EU many important Institutions.

In settining our priorities, charters, governing mechanism, accountablity mechanism and democratic instruments we are not thinking just of our self in EU, we think of the many other communities like ourself with certain rights and these rights have been imfrienged. Foremost we are look at the future of our community, iuts chance in EU and the world, the Future of our children and grand children and the legacy we can leave for them.

We also have a formidable challange - the home, the loved ones, our blood and bone we have left in the Indian ocean are and will look at us questioningly- critically. We have a job and task cut out. We have to show them the stuff our parents and grand parents have implanted in us. That we can take these challange, build our life and future in EU, still maintaining that that great bond, love and treasure in our heart and soul - in effect be prepared to share whatever we have in life in EU and the world.




In keeping with the Traditions of our Ancestors, scripture teaching, given the inability of our EU community to rely on the country of exile fraternal institutions, bodies, organization, like wise our national - being in exile we were compelled to assemble - put together what is Termed a Field Lodge - Fraternal/archaic body.

1 - We followed the rules, regulation, values and tradition of our French ancestors their Fraternal -archaic establishmen

2 - The Seychellois nation being strong Catholic, we emulated, included, attached Italian Fraternal archaic  values, tradition and practice to our community's Field Lodge/fraternal establishment.  

 3 - On account of the important , 80 odd years of British rule, colonial administration, we included important aspect of the British Commonwealth Fraternal, archaic rules, values, tradition in our EU community  Field Lodge/fraternal establishment.

4 -  Many in Britain, France doughted our genuinity and sincerity, the values of our ancestors. Based upon scripture teaching practice we introduced, include - added Jewish Fraternal values, tradition in our EU Community field Lodge/fraternal establishment

The Honorable Officers and Interim Executives

Spring 1983


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