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For the purpose of informing, understanding present situation in Slovakia the need to once again refer to our French ancestral heritage, be they Imperial, or republic. How events in France influenced their politic and economic process .

Slovakia formerly part of Chekoslovakia is a country and nation with very rich cultural and religious heritage.

Events of the l and ll world war partition, and annexation, the German and then the Soviet.

    During the era of COMECON, Communist era, Chekoslovakia played a very important role in the mind and political interpretation of Socialism to the elite of Seychelles politicians - the government. This also related to their role and position in the working of the COMECON, relation within the Warsaw Pact, Socialist Block and USSR.  The had an excellent Intelligence Service, their military capabilities, bedside their armament industry and machine production. Again their role and influence in the OAU - Africa.

    After events of the ll world war those who fled their country - we were privileged that member of my ex wife family, had come form a respectable Czech family, the link I forged in Austria - the later in France and across Europe and London. Specially in London and the USA their influence in the exile politic of the 1980s. We look to them with their greater resource and experience for support in building resource, network and discussions. In London those who had failed - did not understand among them our link to Robert Maxwell many connection and media Group. Among others.

    Given their support, the nature of the friendship we had build their exile network - after the change in Seychelles why we have been advocating that those former COMECON nation have a unique role in the world to help Seychelles in its development road to democracy because  - they are going the same road and they had been friendly  nations. Our role in the Indian Ocean, African Union, the regional Nation.  Our community support for Vaclav Have, their efforts to join the EU and many other issues.

    In Seychelles and African Union those who clamor that we are running after the mighty EU politic and social aspiration - the uniqueness about us is that we know where we came from. We know there is the need to take a cautious approach to political euphoria and as such build our nation and communities.

After the division - separation of the two countries we continued to maintain the same relation. Slovakia and Czech today and those from our communities who live and work there.

There is the need for our communities to understand what took place only then can we develop our communities relation effectively.

Like our other EU community page the offer for those who wish to develop and put together resources for our Community there and our overall support.

romania coat of arms


Form the former Imperial era, COMECON  nation , new EU member nation Romania is a nation which have had has very strong heritage which we in and form Seychelles can find attachment to. To begin with our French ancestral Christian, archaic and fraternal heritage. Events in France which equally affected and influenced their political, economic process after the collapse of the monarchy then the French Revolution.  Events of the l and ll world war the exodus, those who fled to France for refuge.

In the era of the COMECON, Romania persuade a very unique brand of Socialism/communist national politic. the era between 1950 the Cold War, the Seychelles Socialist politicians view of Romania politic and economy. After events of 1977 they became a role model for the type of socialism for the elite of the government and politicians in Seychelles. They were also admired for their national architecture undertakings and some of the outstanding construction project which survived the COMECON era. The also were important for the French speaking system which Romania maintained, its role in the world and the Africa - OAU, the Francophone then.

Our Seychelles community began forging working connections around 1978 in Austria, then France, Germany, then Britain - the exile Romania network. Equally political, business and cultural.

Given the above issues, their French speaking practice we build important support for many of our Seychelles EU community activities. Most important the SIROP etc. exile program of 1987/88. The political process Romania went though. In turn our community support for them to join the EU from economic to monetary issues. Their important role as a former COMECON nation in the Francophone communities of EU. today Romania is united with its Exile communities unlike us. the difference between Seychelles and our communities in EU.

It must not be under rated - estimated our community link to the exile monarch form those former COMECON communities in Exile - our contributions as such for them to return to their country as they did later. Hen when we state that the SIROP exile return program was a historic event - had there not been such links and network it would not have worked.



polish coat of arms


Poland in the imperial era, our ancestral European heritage, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Austrian,

Beside the Polish community in Exile in Austria, London, the USA, those Polish national who had fought in the second world war the allies.

The Polish nation have always been a challenge for the European nations, including events of the l and ll world war.

The Seychelles community in Britain have know of the existence and issues of the Polish community in Britain some 20 years before we did, meaning the new, incoming exile community form Seychelles.  We have underlined the unique role Austria played in the many issues and events which led to the protest in Gdansk ship yard.

Most important to understand the politic power structure of the COMECON who was what and their sphere of influence. The West, the USA and EU meanwhile have done their best to suppress some of the vital information on these issues.

Those of our Seychelles EU community who was concern for social, economic, political situation in Seychelles and Europe we made it a point to try and understand the importance of the working of the COMECON system, who played what role.  The polish nation in spite of Communist they were still a Christian Catholic believing nation, unlike some of the COMECON nation where religion was banned and the populace just accepted it. The Polish people, struggle with support from the Polish exile communities. for us this was most relevant.

The year 1978 in Vienna was a particularly important one. The Austrian Neutral politic - the large Polish community in Austria and Germany. They also had a formidable business syndicate. There are and have Been those form our Seychelles exile community who emphasized our NAZI support or training - because of Austria. They have failed to understand, in spite of the global media circus, by the USA, Britain the importance of Austria relation with the COMECON nation then, in commerce and culture - soft diplomacy. The very many we met and discussed many issues not like London, their views and approach.

Vienna - Austria very important role in supporting and the appointment of then Karol Wojtyal as bishop, archbishop and later his appointment to the Vatican - not the USA or Britain or France.  We were well informed and kept our self abrest of development for other archaic, fraternal reason. Among the reason why and how we were able to make that research by UNION later COI. Our views and argument by the respective , Embassy in Vienna, South African, USA, French, Seychelles consulate, the UNIDO in Vienna, India, Israel embassy. Also our relation with the church.  Those who had known of the importance of the appointment and election of KAROL WOJTYLA   as the next Head of the Catholic church.  Indeed Pope John Paul ll support and very unique contribution in the Christian world his visit to Seychelles and changes which followed - not the Commonwealth.  Our Community being 80 % Christian their prayers and issues.

After events of 1980/81 we were compelled to live Vienna and seek exile in London, the large Polish community, the resource, opposition paper of the Cold War. We made it a point to get to know them and build very important working links. We exchanged a great deal of knowledge and the issues we addressed. Our exile community in Britain and Europe.  Their Support for our community, those of the Polish voluntary sector who understood our plight and freely supported us.  They understood the putting together of a long term grass root structure for our communities in comparison to the Afro Caribbean communities and Latin American communities. Most important our approach to the SIROP etc..  EXILE return program. Like they would support use took to lending and contributing to using many of our ancestral archaic, Christian and fraternal power, networks to support their struggle - hence what we have written in the past.  We have supported them in their endeavor to join the EU be it in the economic and monetary or NATO process.  Since then very many issues at British national level or EU. {Poland is becoming a Power to reckon with from the former COMECON Eastern Europe, our call that our government make strong effort to utilize and capitalize on what have been build and exist for our progress.}

hungary coat of arms


Hungary former part of the Austro Hungarian empire and history.

It also form part of nation which got importantly influenced by what took place in France be they the abolition of the Monarchy or the calling of the Republic and the Revolution.

Events of the l and ll world war. The forming of the COMECON, the military alliance.

Our community began forging friend ship, working alliance with their Exile network in Austria around 1978 from Vienna. We got to learn of the rich history, cultural heritage.

From France, Vienna and London between 1978 to 1991 the important network and support we build and maintained, changes which came to their country and indeed the change which cam to Seychelles in 1991. For these reason when visitors and officials will read about our community association, links and connection with those exile networks form the former COMECON our community anger when we read across the web that the COMMONWEALTH helped change Seychelles.  these people , their exile and their communities were by our sides.

Hence with out having to repeat our self, our Seychelles EU community support for their aspiration to join the EU be they economic and monetary process using our French, European ancestral archaic, Christian and fraternal heritage.

We have equally lent support their to exile royal family.

Beside our Exile community in Europe in the 1977, our earlier Pied Noirs  migrants in France and Europe were very familiar with the National debacle in France of the North Africa Pied Noirs. Those communities from East Europe who settled in North Africa.

Life and history have unique way to catch up on mankind - we have written a great deal about our community contributions to changes in the COMECON, USSR and Germany reunification - what this mean as a small nation from the Indian Ocean of French - European decent with our Christian, archaic, fraternal heritage. The very serious and important question to ask had we not contributed to this process beside the election of Mr Nicolas Sarkozy, the return of the monarch in some of these countries and their reacquiring many of the ancient and European heritage they had lost - never hope to get back.

As we have advocated, because they have not completely neglected the Socialist working, the state of the world and EU today between the rich and the poor the have and the have not. The need for our nation and communities to maintain strong relation, friendship to build our future. In writing the intro page to our community in the former COMECON East Europe space do not permit us to write some of the very complicated and complex issues, contributions be it Seychelles or our community have been involved and contributed to.


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There is the need to address the development and relation which affected our Seychelles EU communities beside our advocacy to build grass root and resource like those of the exile communities form the COMECON in EU, after the collapse of the COMECON, change in USSR, change in Seychelles , Germany Reunification.  Those we had build the network with, the opportunity of getting their rewards, compensation, returning to their countries and focusing on their interest and politic. We have often described this as cold shouldering us. After we have helped them and supported them importantly, the Christian, archaic, fraternal issues involved. Given our French and European ancestral origin and our rich heritage we understand and know the practice of European nation and their cultures. We are not naive as many have suggested. For that matter the friends of our community in Seychelles who have supported us with this portal project. But this make harmonious working in modern affairs, the EU and the rest of the world difficult and for future generation when they learn what happened. Equally those from their native country who travel to Seychelles and plainly ignore our contributions in the changes that came to their country - the COMECON, their membership of the EU, economic and monetary issues or NATO membership. It is this terrible Moral which ensued and began affecting the working of EU the new EU Member states , then the USA and leading to the major financial, market and economic collapse of the world.

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What if we had the Constitution of Europe - we have the Lisbon Treaty which supercede  all previous EU Treaties  in relation to the greater working of EU. This said the geographical center point of Europe have moved. Particularly with the remaining of the Yugoslavia already  in the EU and former USSR nations which have also become member of EU.  Our Community form part of EU Civic Society, NGO, Ethnic minority issues which was present at the beginning of the EU building Block in the form of our European ancestral many heritage. Given that we equally have some form of working relation beside our National government representation, the necessity to review and redefine aspect of our EU working to encompass this new Historic fact and reality. We cannot create a country page for each of them. We recommend and ask those Countries in the EU their individuals who would like to support - contribute to our Sechelles  - Seychelles Community working to use the link below and create their Country or community Network.

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