In 1991 When we outlined the FECAS-ECSVS concept those who

It is the vision, dream, hard work, a great deal of sacrifice, commitment faith and perseverance of our Seychelles community in exile, draft outline we left in Angers - Loire 1989, aspects of old Seychelles Colonial friendship, already established seychelles community across EU which led to the founding of FECAS - ECSVS finally in 1991 : C'est la vision, le rêve, le travail dur, une grande affaire de sacrifice, foi d'engagement et persévérance de notre communauté des Seychelles dans l'exil, projet sommaire que nous avons deposer a Angers- Loire 1989, aspects de la vieille amitié coloniale des Seychelles, la communauté déjà établie des Seychelles à travers l'EU qui a mené à la fondation de FECAS - ECSVS finalement en 1991

In 1991 When we outlined the FECAS-ECSVS concept those who

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In 1991 When we outlined the FECAS-ECSVS concept those who bitterly opposed it and the ups and down the past 23 years. ( They ought to know who they were)

Our approach and concept of workings/networking have influenced countless important issues from partition in Europe to economic issues.

Suddenly after the Scott Referendum those who are putting forward a Federation concept of Britain - then PM Blair when he had just come to Office/Power - this friends and visitors to our Forum Board is not a joke. The lives, hope and existence of the millions of citizens in Britain today, Europe and the rest of the world.

Please do not say we have not addressed and posted the issue.

My proposal is to form a federal Great Britain from the following states

Wales is leading the debate on a federal UK ... federal-uk

After Scotland's referendum, let's have a federal UK ... style.html
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