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Secret government file on 'unnatural' sexual behaviour at We

PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 10:31 am
by Grandlarousse
Secret government file on 'unnatural' sexual behaviour at Westminster unearthed

An academic discovers document from the Prime Minister's files which contain allegations of 'unnatural sexual proclivities' between 1980 and 1981.

A secret government file detailing "unnatural" sexual behaviour taking place at Westminster 35 years ago has been unearthed at the National Archives.
The documents were held in the Prime Minister's file series in the 1980s suggesting that the late Baroness Thatcher, the then Prime Minister, may have seen them.
The Cabinet Office has said that the file will be made available to the inquiry into historic child abuse.

The document was uncovered by Dr Chris Murphy, a security and intelligence expert, who was alerted to its title: "PREM19/588 -SECURITY. Allegations against former public [missing word] of unnatural sexual proclivities; security aspects 1980 Oct 27 - 1981 Mar 20." ... rthed.html

Comment - How many and precisely the policing authorities and the Intelligence Service then 1980 when we came to seek/ask for political asylum in Britain, those who said they represented certain entity and how they would punish my person for breaking certain rules/code. We were blacklisted then and to date. The have spread the notion and concept that we have not children and grand children/because you need a wife/woman/female to have children - we are what have you. We would have cited those issues and any court Cast at the royal court of Justice or the European and International court or the ICC. Just because you hold Office have high position and a Minister cannot dictate the sex and sexual functionality of a person, communities and group of individual that was the politic and practice then - like this infernal satanic rage/cjd/Mad cow phenomena today. How we protested among the exile/refugee communities and Grass Roots workings, Ethnic community working and Voluntary Sector workings. For this we got black listed and excluded/persecuted. Those who worked very hard to turn us into an abnormal person. What about the abnormal education of our infants and children, involvement of the media and school system.

Beside the issues of my property in Sechelles Seychelles, the force acquisition by the government and the issues of my respective claim efforts to find out about my former guardian issues with what we met and the treatment. The real issue of that SIDA global epidemic how it was started.

The sleaze and the stigma with the establishment spread and quasi made it part of our profile and the issue of returning to Seychelles - that SIROP program and that EU Community wide project.

Just as those gave us/made our life pure hell then back 1980 and we can name a list of them high personalities - today what is coming out in public those who think the had become Gods and controlled the world and mankind destiny - the same with the infernal satanic rage/crack vibe , CJD phenomena it will have to come out its impact and effect is far worse than the contents of that file.