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Profile: Norman Baker, the least likely Home Office minister

PostPosted: Tue Nov 04, 2014 10:05 am
by Grandlarousse
Profile: Norman Baker, the least likely Home Office minister

Norman Baker, the least likely Home Office minister, has resigned after saying the Tories thwarted his work

Norman Baker has resigned as a Liberal Democrat Home Office minister, in the latest rift in the Coalition.
He told the Independent he found working with Conservatives like “walking through mud” after his initiatives were repeatedly thwarted by the Tories.
“I just think it’s a pity that she took the mindset that the Lib Dems had to be put up with, and we were almost a cuckoo in the nest rather than part of government,” he said.
“You will recognise that it has been particularly challenging being the only Lib Dem in the Home Office, which I see a newspaper the other day likened to being the only hippy at an Iron Maiden concert,” he said in his resignation letter to Nick Clegg.
Damian Green, the former Tory prisons minister hit back this morning, saying Mr Baker regarded himself as an equal to Theresa May, the Home Secretary, and regularly requested papers from other ministers. “He was a guitarist in a band who was only interested in his own solos,” he said. ... ister.html

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