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David Cameron jogger: 'How good is security if I managed to

PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2014 11:19 pm
by Grandlarousse
David Cameron jogger: 'How good is security if I managed to run between them?'

Dean Farley, who was briefly arrested after bumping into the Prime Minister, questions security arrangements and describes experience as 'harrowing'

The jogger who was manhandled to the ground after running into David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has said he had “no idea” why police officers jumped on him.
Dean Farley, a 28-year-old hospital worker from Leeds, questioned the Prime Minister’s security arrangements.

He said he had been able to just “run between them” as he headed to a lunchtime appointment with his personal trainer at the gym.

"I had a quick look across the road and ran across the road and all I saw was a bunch of men in suits come out of the side of the Civic Hall,” said Mr Farley.

"I could not see any uniformed police as I crossed the road and there was no cordon. ... -them.html

David Cameron shoved in the street by member of the public: Scotland Yard launch inquiry into 'very significant security breach'

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Comment - The media do not state the time of the incident. This Morning a Tree fell on the railway line at Sevenoaks it could have hit a/the Train 11.50 am