Survol de centrales par des drones : le gouvernement n'a auc

One of our most important challenge as an ethnic Community in EU, then Europe for the past 70 years and recent events in Europe to explain, bring to the public and world attention what have affected us and made us the way we are.

Survol de centrales par des drones : le gouvernement n'a auc

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Survol de centrales par des drones : le gouvernement n'a aucune piste

Dans cette affaire, «il faut savoir raison garder: ne pas minimiser, mais ne pas dramatiser non plus», a indiqué dimanche Ségolène Royal qui assure que la sécurité des sites est respectée.

La ministre de l'Écologie Ségolène Royal a indiqué aujourd'hui à propos des récents survols de centrales nucléaires par des drones: «Nous n'avons aucune piste pour l'instant.» «Nous ne dramatisons pas parce que les survols de centrales aujourd'hui ne font peser aucun risque sur ces centrales, qui sont construites pour résister aux secousses sismiques et même aux chutes d'un avion sur une centrale», a souligné la ministre. ... -piste.php

Comment - What we dislike with political system - Madam Segolan royal forgets she worked with President F Mitterrand as such the manner and mechanism to run His many government and global issues.

The Reason she found herself on board this government and she takes it for granted. {Because we had let it be known of the concern}

When we come forward on IOIMF Facebook page and address our concern it is for good reason - this is very serious, over the past 30 vast many issues with Nuclear Science and Energy production. We have stated the development is due to those in London/Britain who know and very aware of our past many issues and using that "infernal Satanic rage/rave" to cause and bring about these drone flights - the same mechanism which saw those planes landing in the Twin tower and the Pentagon Buildings - those in France who have been programmed they are supposed to be leading experts until it is to very late, past incidents and consequences - they cannot see and cannot think

Afterwards what the British media will attribute this incident and get NATO to pass more mad laws and EU and the governments - the mechanism behind those using these infernal mechanism and world situation - then all the global media will take the crap and spread it as reality, facts and truth. Most of the time we have been proved right/correct. }
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