Extended discussion regarding FECAS-ECSVS, Europe 12 years

Past 9 year existance of our old forum, hosting, Management and events, high Corporate issues leading to its demise and rebuilding issues, many contributions to EU, Indian Ocean and World issues being synergized/impacted

Existence de 9 ans de notre ancien forum , l'hébergement , la gestion et des événements , des questions de sociétés de haute menant à sa disparition et les questions de reconstruction , de nombreuses contributions à l'UE , de l'océan Indien et les questions du monde d'être en synergie / impacté

Extended discussion regarding FECAS-ECSVS, Europe 12 years

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Extended discussion regarding FECAS-ECSVS, Europe 12 years ago

Across Europe and the world one hears and read of Institutions, NGO inabilities to think and plan long term any more Human resources and other resources are /get deploy for day to day issues, reaction, policy and objectives, working - the views of Universities and special Institutions as against the mass thinking - where and why we have landed in this global mess and approach. Affecting enormously Europe functioning and the World. Just as we are having this highly abnormal disease Ebola, the SIDA epidemic - across the globe the scientist, church and many institutions who just refused to address the associated impact of that "mad cow, cjd, satanic rage/rave seriously" for their own objectives and self interests the many approach and conclusions. The enormous impact on the mind functioning/functionality and body. What the vast majority have come to accept and adopt as the norm/normal associated with this highly abnormal phenomena. The scientist communities who said they discovered this phenomena only 10 years ago there bout when the Mad Cow phenomena exploded/surfaced and some 10 millions animals had to be destroyed - this phenomena had been with us since 1984/5 there about and what had triggered this - those who had hijacked the hybrid human communication which was being developed to overcome and take the place/replace the Communist/extreme socialism human communication science and discipline and injected it with high abnormal communication science/discipline in the form of Satanic communication/functionality discipline/para-science. What was unleashed on society, mankind, global institutions and human functioning. Resulting in today situation experts cannot and refuse to differentiate the existence and use of this highly abnormal phenomena right across the board as very normal. This phenomena was deployed in London/Britain - then Lady Thatcher government and officials. It had existed for usage among the USA, Soviet, South African, Israeli, British and French Intelligence Service/community - the counter intelligence and covert division/workings. It became a really problem when it was required of the mass and every Tom Dick and Harry to use it. The principal party behind this was the Masonic Order/Establishment - the politicians and officials responsible and associated.

We had wanted to address the issues surrounding FECAS-ECSVS development Portal/forum project. The concerted efforts that we cannot migrate/move to the Continent with this work but stay in Britain those who manipulated and carried out a long list of atrocious actions, persistent persecution, oppression, intimidating, bullying of the worse kind against all efforts and those trying to establish this body.

The issued and events addressed to the UNHCR, the UN, European court, Human Rights court, International court , many relevant NGO, Government, EU Parliament, the Vatican on this subject.

Events and development after 1997, forced to return to London, the workings of then NCVO and LVSC - Evelyn Old field Unit office on Holloway Rd the Resource Center. The policy taken and conclusion to put in pace a Project to map out the British refugee/exile history. The Sechelles Seychelles Community aspect and that SIROP program. The debate/argument we had to be properly registered and structured to be included in the Project - having worked and contributed so much to the NGO, volunteer, Grass Roots, Ethnic community sector working in Britain since 1981 judge we had an important role registered or not/structured or not. All the exile/refuge communities who applied were taken on board and given Grants to implement their part in our case because we were not registered and structured not eligible for Funding - it was then decided we use FECAS - ECSVS which had advance expertise and knowledge of the issues to put in place its own Project and that Forum was the first online project and followed by that Seychelles EU Connection portal and the FECAS- ECSVS online workings/information etc. Which included important aspects of the Seychelles exile/refugee history, issues and development - these information is still available on the Seychelles EU Connection portal project and the details we are providing here. The issues of the first Report and setting a UK Branch/Office operating form our private residence, using affiliated and available public Resources for the past 15 years.

Beside strong racist/culture opposing/conflicting factor - the facts we were of French origin/decent and the long political saga of Sechelles Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion - the British dislike of these nation particular, their French aspects, culture and thinking etc.

Those who used and abused the above mentioned phenomena to develop exclusion program and bad practices against them, the sleaze campaign, intimidation and bullying using this phenomena the greater objectives. To render them unable to function and develop proper strategy for their communities and needs. Safe to use and abuse them whole sale. Create hate and division an discord. This situation and phenomena impacted the many ethnic and grass Roots communities in Britain and the social outcome.

Very important was the political issues/view that in allowing that FECAS-ECSVS development it was/would encourage Federal thinking in EU and encourage and bolster EU many associated development and ideas - this had to be opposed and prevented. Those at LVSC and NCVO, some of the Ethnic communities we worked with in London, who knew those issues and the reality - the dirty politic being played - excuses.

Today after the Scott Referendum suddenly the concept, approach and workings of then FECAS-ECSVS is acceptable just because those leading British politicians new and future vision is a /Federal Britain - what we have address that we worked those issues with the early PM Blair government, his views and ideas would be on record.

No dough the public, world, Europe will be hearing more of this Federal working of Britain in the future
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