It is time to set up a second Voluntary Body/Institutions

Having stated time and time again our research by UNIDO/World Bank to set up an Indian Ocean Industrial Investment Promotion Centre - then Cold War, world refugee/exile issues in Austria. The approach, attituide, benchmark of the COI Member states government, national Institutions towards the issues of exile/refugee. We went/have gone on to help/set in place the IOR Association - again the dimension of the regional exile/refugee problematic, challenges and the International Institutions - attitude and approach. Beside those nations from the G20 and so forth corrupted practice and their media involvements. We have created this space not just for the Sechelles Seychelles 21,000 - 25,000 exile/refugee everybody choose to ignore. But for the greater exile/refugee issues of the Regional Indian Ocean.

It is time to set up a second Voluntary Body/Institutions

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Vice-President of the Republic of Seychelles

Mr. Danny FAURE

Minister for Information Technology, Public Administration and Youth & Civil Society

State House
P.O Box 55, Victoria, Mahe
Tel: 428 6800, Fax: 422 5152

Press Information Contact

Department of Public Administration

Department of Youth
Name: Lyanne Aristide
Title: Liaison Officer, Seychelles National Youth Council

Department of Information Communication Technology
Name: Lanka Dorby
Title: Director General for Information Technology

We have been reading the Le Seychellois article about the rapid climb to high Office by Minister jean Paul Adam - for sometime 5/7 years, in fact part of that SIROP program was the requirement to set up a Second national Body/Institution for the voluntary Sector workings.

Now that BRICS is in place and the call by the large numbers of NGO across the world for a new order of Democratic/ government citizens workings in Seychelles unlike Reunion lack the high calibrated body/institutions as they have in other European nations. When we read in the BRICS debacle of BRICS form the North and BRICS form the South - the need to distinguish the quality of Benevolent, NGO and Voluntary workings.

The future economic/democratic workings is the empowerment of NGO under the umbrella of benevolent - more and more their respective responsibilities and field of activities. With many leading European Universities researching and debating models and emphasizing their role in economic and democratic building process - linked to Industry - we clearly do not have this in Seychelles.

We would very strongly recommend that Minister Danny Faure take aside some quality time and help formulate a concept. Had we been in Secheles Seychelles we would have gotten a few individuals, a good lawyer, draft a constitution and get it registered. All those would be required is some workings space - equipment and resources are in plentiful across the global network and expertise.

It role and purpose must be very clearly and distinctively defined. The socio political Agendas, Scientific objectives.

We have tried to retrieved the Old then government F Mitterrand Franc benevolent workings their consisted of two entities and they merged - today in France as in British you have two principal Umbrella body NCVO and LVSC.

The Minister with the designated portfolio will have to get those with enthusiasm to work this - as far as money is concern that ought not to affect government budget, because mostly such monies and fund comes and will come from outside. Including the expertise if required.

Both BRICS and the RIM Association economic workings is very challenging, they need to be monitored, reported and debate and national policies formulated - there is the requirement for a different level of NGO working in Seychelles. Many may judge it is beneath them or their education - in Europe and across Europe the Trend a large percentage of highly qualify young person join the ranks of NGO, Benevolent workings.

Across Europe the Tradition had been one is a more populist orientated and the other more conservative from there they map our their development and future or the church orientated.

They say we from the South are slow - Minister Danny Faure ought to verify with the white House - the reason President Obama came to be elected in the first place and USA have a highly sophisticated NGO/Benevolent system and the mega debacle now with BRICS for the North and BRICS from under functionality and participation in greater world workings.
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