Christmas 2014 our situation after the financial commitment

Having stated time and time again our research by UNIDO/World Bank to set up an Indian Ocean Industrial Investment Promotion Centre - then Cold War, world refugee/exile issues in Austria. The approach, attituide, benchmark of the COI Member states government, national Institutions towards the issues of exile/refugee. We went/have gone on to help/set in place the IOR Association - again the dimension of the regional exile/refugee problematic, challenges and the International Institutions - attitude and approach. Beside those nations from the G20 and so forth corrupted practice and their media involvements. We have created this space not just for the Sechelles Seychelles 21,000 - 25,000 exile/refugee everybody choose to ignore. But for the greater exile/refugee issues of the Regional Indian Ocean.

Christmas 2014 our situation after the financial commitment

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Dear friends, acquaintance, officials, policing officials

As we had to take the decision to catch our Transport back to England - the many turbulent and painful issues which ran in pour minds. Particularly the unfinished business with the Human rights court, the legal/Lawyer to support and assist us and there are massive maze to go through - concerning our very painful life these past 21 years when most of the leading Seychellois exile, those who took responsibilities have return ed Home or remigrate/resettled elsewhere because of the poor/if not terrible quality life, baggage stuck, stigmatized /associated with such responsibilities and work. They just do not go away and vanish.

For this good reason we have been addressing and presenting our situation to the International communities, Institutions and relevant officials.  

Given that there have resulted a very great deal of positive impacts and very negative impacts/collateral more so for those who deal with our person and issues to take due note. This situation having refused to sort itself/resolved itself for the past 5 years battled with the due UN/European Institutions that they help/assist my person to get resettled  on Continental Europe.

We could have done/taken the desperate approach - just chuck everything away and with a suitcase and go at the door of some High Official and let them go to the process of getting the police, immigration and politicians involved. "In many instance that is the only way and workable way even if the authorities and officials refused to admit".

The fact is we are back in England and our respective community members, families, acquaintance and others. It is Christmas eve and the need to note the Seychellois are 80% Christian - our personal situation resemble as if we are living in some strange and far away planet. Many will say good for you you deserve more of the same medicine.

Beside the unhappy process of publishing that letter to the hundreds of PanEuropean Movement and their affiliates - we have been talking to others  and in particularly the Church, Priests and church Officials in Strasbourg, Rouen and Germany. The Priest and church officials who in their sermon talk and pray for no more wars in Europe - the ineffectiveness of their prayers. We are on the eve of not just a World War but the possibility of a War.  Many Seychellois who have not had parent involved in Wars just do not understand will never understand all the education and cinemas.

PM Cameron one months ago back form Australia Conference - warned and talked of a worsor recession and meltdown that this last one. We have the French PM writing and talking of the very grave dangers of France the explanation they gave.

To those we love and care we have this to say had we the means we would have long sorted this situation - and the manner we would have done this to contribute to stability and peace " this is not pig/cow or horse manure". In France before boarding the Ferry we had the privilege of siting in the proximity of a group of respectable individuals and one of the issues which echoed and reverberated in our mind and thoughts - if he does not send use his involve Bill hoe can we pay him" We live in a very dynamic world and very interactive. One does not have to open one big trap and mouth those who have the capabilities and capacity to know/find out a very great deal.

In France the concern of many we have worked for 30 years and help more than other would care to know nobody have come forward to offer a thank you or help or contribute - let alone pay our invoice or Bill if/should we produce on.

To all the acquaintance, the friends and associates and officials - we went all the way to pray in Germany, we were ghost or what have you. we believe in the power of prayer and the same power with brought the changes in the COMECON, the USSR and the Berlin Wall - at the same time the very many terrible and atrocious fall outs. As we go through this Christmas and new years our/my situation is very concerning. The same amount and measure of concern we wrote to the White House, the CIA and other USA service they refused to listen and the media - then the so call melt down.

We are not going to wish nobody and wishes - just to say share we have prayed  and those who know we can pray and have the capacity to pray. The Vatican would never have discovered the very important amount of money off their Bank balance if we had not been involved and we were involved in the issue among other of the Vatican man found under the Blackfriars Bridge in London. We have been involved in the debacle of Price Water-House blow up two days ago. Pope France talk of Amnesia - very right and he is very conservative and polite the issues and situation is far worse. Those who hold the view as they have the past 30 years, let us con him for Christmas and New years festive occasion come January we will show him who and what we are.

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Re: Christmas 2014 our situation after the financial commit

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First meeting of the National Consultative Forum for the year 2015

Seychelles’ media landscape under the microscope

Considered the fourth pillar of democracy, the media is seen as the most powerful entity on earth as it plays an important role as an informative bridge between governing bodies and general public. A democracy without media is like a vehicle without wheels, critics say.

The media also plays a very important and impartial role between government activities and general public, so much so that it is said that the freedom of media is the guarantee of success of republic government.

This is why the National Consultative Forum will debate the Seychelles media landscape in its sessions this year.
President James Michel welcomed the members to the first session for this year yesterday morning at the Salon Maritime, State House.

After welcoming the members, President Michel, who chairs the forum, said as agreed by the members, this year we will be looking at the media landscape in Seychelles.

In yesterday morning's meeting, the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation made a presentation to the forum on its structure and functioning as an independent State broadcaster.

It updated the forum on its plans to introduce digital television broadcasting during the course of 2015 which would enable it to offer a broader range of programmes for its viewers. It also reported that in addition to its traditional radio and television audience, there was growing interest in its programmes available online.

The forum advised that the SBC consider undertaking a satisfaction survey of its services, including the number of listeners and viewers that it has for its various programmes.

Members of the forum felt that the SBC was providing a generally good service within the resource constraints under which it is operating.

The forum advised that the SBC should focus on improving the quality of its broadcasts, and ensuring that its reporting of current affairs is well-balanced and provides opportunities for diverse points of view to be heard.

Members advised that more journalists should be recruited and receive quality training to serve the nation's growing media industry.

In responding to members' concerns about the lack of depth and detail in some reporting, the SBC pointed out that it encountered great difficulties in obtaining timely information and interviews from many of the organisations contacted by its journalists.

The forum advised that government organisations should set the example by being more open to the press, especially now that press officers have been appointed to ease these tasks.

The forum also requested SBC to ensure that its transmissions reflect the balance of national languages, and that journalists and interviewees respect the proper use of each language.

The forum advised that SBC should provide better coverage of the arts and culture so that the work of local artists, actors, dancers and musicians could be better appreciated.

In other matters, forum members expressed concern regarding tourism yield despite the number of tourist arrivals having remained steady. The problem would be explored further in conjunction with a planned tourism carrying capacity study. The Forum noted the importance of safeguarding the natural environment of the country, and that well designed sustainable tourism developments could contribute to such preservation while raising revenue for conservation.

President Michel had earlier said that 2014 was a fruitful year for the forum as members discussed many issues of national importance.
“I would like to take this opportunity once again to thank members for their contributions to the education strategic plan which will give a lot of ideas to the Ministry of Education about how to move ahead with the necessary reforms. The ministry has already started working on these reforms,” said the President.
“I look forward to very valuable work in 2015,” said the President.

The President announced the creation of the forum in his National Day address on June 18 last year with the objective of enhancing the interface between the government and the civil society in key social, economic, political as well as other areas.

The forum is to serve as a body for high level discussions concerning issues which have no established outlet for discussion and which can impact on the future of Seychelles as a whole, not just during the next few years, but for generations to come.

It serves as an avant-garde think tank that crosses political boundaries, and that seeks to prepare Seychelles in the best way possible for the future.

Chaired by the President himself, the forum is also composed of Vice-President Danny Faure, Marguerite Mancienne, Mahroohk Pardiwalla, Bishop Denis Wiehe, Dr Nirmal Shah, Patrick Victor, William Rose, Marco Francis, Jean Weeling, Daniel Belle, Bernard Georges, Jude Fred, Edmond Hoareau and Michel Madeleine. Mohamed Afif is the forum’s secretary.
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