We do believe it was this topic/regional and International

We began to adopt and develop due networks, structures, expertise back in 1978/9 for the past 36 years our contributions to Seychelles building, regional Indian Ocean Nations workings, empowering - contribution to working and building democracy. Our community have been at the fore front of alternative economic, cross culture nation working with the former COMECON, Russia the role we have played and input - lending to the BRICS world alternative economic, social and cross culture workings.

Nous avons commencé à adopter et développer des réseaux en raison , structures, expertise de retour en 1978/9 pour les 36 dernières années, nos contributions au renforcement des Seychelles , le fonctionnement régional océan Indien Nations , l'autonomisation - contribution au travail et renforcement de la démocratie . Notre communauté a été à l'avant-garde de solution de rechange économique , croix nation de culture de travail avec l'ancien COMECON , Russie le rôle que nous avons joué et entrée - prêts au monde BRICS autres travaux de culture économiques, sociaux et croisées .

We do believe it was this topic/regional and International

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We do believe it was this topic/regional and International issues which started the whole mess up of our FECAS - ECSVS forum Board working. When we came back from Home - Sechelles Seychelles in 2009, events not just in Seychelles, Africa, Asia, gulf Region - the debacle of alternative world currency after that mega global crash - those who had noted and monitored the impact and synergy our FECAS - ECSVS board was having on createforum.com then a USA entity/owner.

Whatever deal was done and the thousands of Forum Boards which had to change hands and migrate to the new owners based in Singapor/Far East and their business model.

Form 2009 the many regional and international events and issues which the new Forum owners monitored, watched and benefited form - the Chinese government, other Asian government and entities involved.

We had noted the moment they came in the situation was not stable and serious our experience with the Ning project and Groups platform to replace Ning.

That first Summit of the would be BRICS countries in 2009 and the decision.

This said we find our Community in EU and its associated institutions compel to think seriously how to proceed - not just as an NGO in Europe and working world wide - the facts that we have been supporting Democratic process in Seychelles importantly the past 23 years and other Indian Ocean nations. Like it or not events have developed very fast and the setting of the BRICS many institutions - the need for our communities to come to grip - Seychelles has been for the past 37 years a strong partner of the former USSR/COMECON, former Yugoslav Federation and today Russian Commonwealth, China, Brazil, South Africa - though the EU and UN have got sanction in place against Russia - we will have to decided our working issues/approach, contributions - our modus operandi.

This needless will bring extra stress and conflicting issues with in our community workings in Europe, we live and work here - we have to face and accept it not bury our heads in the sand. This is not a new issues the crying shame we have lost so much by way of previous material and those who have not kept copies their misunderstanding and reactions - this again is/will prove major problematic.

1st BRIC summit


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Re: We do believe it was this topic/regional and Internation

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For/over the past 30 years have addressed economic, political, social, religious form a high interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary working - the issues, science, concept of Fashion and what influences Fashion, right across the Board.

As we worked and helped managed some of the complex very high issues of the changes of the COMECON, former Yugoslavia and European changes and expansion - the science to impact, manage and impute in high Fashion using and given the related issues.

In Mauritius in particular over the past 30 years the such, associated important/relevant issues which have impacted their Textile production and Garment industry their big customers in Europe and elsewhere.

Having addressed the issues of our visit to Seychelles in 2009 - then Mr Christopher Savv who visited Sechelles Seychelles, efforts to meet with President FA Rene 13 times when his own soldier and staff in the Village of Anse aux Pins had insisted we go and demand a meeting.

The global meltdown - the impact on South Africa big finance, property development and industry

In Russia the decision by President Putin to do something and the first gathering of the BRIC nation/government and their decision.

There is no need to repeat our person time and time again the important relation of Sechelles Seychelles, Mauritius and Reunion old Families working their respective high mechanism and high management working for an interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary prospective. However what their our media write/carp about. The interlinking dynamic and synergy - important connectivity in very many highly complex issues.

As we endeavored to develop out respective European or national or regional agendas the issues out their which impacted their and other high corporate workings. In Mauritius personalities like the founder of de Chazel du Mai we worked and associated for very many years leading up to the building of the present Mauritius economic, system and infrastructures.

We have addressed the long history of Sechelles Seychelles with China, the Russian and others, South Africa, the fact that those entities who decided to acquire the old massive customers and thousands of forum hosting because of the BRICS development and the future world currency development.

The owners of Star Knit wear have a very long and in-depth experience of evolution of issues in our Region and East Africa, Seychelles and Mauritius - Just as in Russia, China the issues of BRICS is impacting fashion be they in Car development, clothing, shoes, perfume, cosmetic the very long list furniture, toys for children and toddlers education material and kitchen equipment - design - we Trust those in Mauritius will not miss development and adjust their working and discipline accordingly.

What about the person of Mrs Jemaima Goldsmith Khan who work Fashion issues, discipline and science, culture/art. We can list several leading personalities we have some kind of workings association links to this important topic and global Industry. Under lady Thatcher how e targeted specific individuals and bulldoze such topics on their laps and and table until they reacted and took action and what the blasted media/press then write.

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