Setbacks, Humiliation and Lesson Learning

Setbacks, Humiliation and Lesson Learning

Postby Grandlarousse » Sat Nov 08, 2014 8:44 pm

Setbacks, Humiliation and Lesson Learning

The last 46 years of Mauritian politics are full of rich, diverse and colourful events, dramas, unexpected turns and an array of competing political parties. There have been highs and lows, major political leaders and parties have all had their share of setbacks, humiliation and lessons to learn. This coming election will be no different, the only unknown is which leader and party will face setbacks, humiliation and in need of lesson learning this time?

This coming election has a central, dominant issue at stake that is both controversial and divisive among voters, that of ‘constitutional reform’ as proposed by the PTr/MMM alliance. In that light, it might be instructive to consider two parallel election cases.

First on the local scene, we all know that the elections of August 1967 were of supreme importance precisely because at stake was the central issue of independence of the country, a controversial and divisive issue at the time. Clearly, there were two main parties/alliances before the people; the choice was crystal clear - voting for one meant independence for the country and voting for the other meant no independence as proposed. We all know the results and the changes it meant for the country and for its people. The 1967 election was essentially a referendum election. Our next election has also been described by many as such in relation to the constitutional reform proposal. ... n-learning
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Re: Setbacks, Humiliation and Lesson Learning

Postby Grandlarousse » Wed Dec 31, 2014 10:53 am

Seychelles – A Determined Island Nation


2014 proved to be a significant year for Seychelles as organisations from all across the islands came together to push the International Year of Small Island Developing States. From government to private sector, people came together to stand proud as citizens of a small island state and to celebrate what we have achieved and to focus on where we are going.

As a nation we have played a significant role in championing the cause of the small states. As such, we have direct connection with the celebration of the International Year of Small Island Developing States (Sids). It is a time to rejoice at our ‘uniqueness’ but also to take pride in the strength of character that marks the identity of our people. The theme has been chosen at a time when we are being asked to work harder, work smarter in order to overcome the challenges that we face as a small nation. It is also a theme through which we shall celebrate our achievements, our boldness and determination.

This theme, in resonance with the international year of Sids, is the ideal opportunity for Seychellois as citizens of a small island nation to better practice what we preach as we bring the call for sustainable development and concept of the Blue Economy closer to home by encouraging the public to be more determined in surmounting the challenges faced by the country as Sids in view of its specificities and vulnerabilities.
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Re: Setbacks, Humiliation and Lesson Learning

Postby Grandlarousse » Wed Mar 25, 2015 10:06 pm

President meets outstanding youths


A group of 28 young people who have made exceptional contributions to the society were introduced to President James Michel at State House yesterday afternoon.

The 28 youths were chosen from a long list of applicants from a competition launched by the Northern Region Youth Committee with the aim of identifying Seychellois youths who have contributed and continue to contribute greatly to the community and the country as a whole.

“The competition was inspired by the 2015 Commonwealth theme chosen by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, which is ‘A Young Commonwealth’,” said Northern Region Youth Committee President Ziggy Adam.

Mr Adam stated that the youths who were chosen should have made exceptional contributions to the country as well as being role models within their community and they must show themselves to have the ability to keep contributing positively to the country.

The initiative to launch such a competition came from the committee’s vice-president, Angelique Pouponneau, who said that while listening to the Queen’s Commonwealth Day message she asked herself; what are the youth of Seychelles doing? Therefore, the idea for the competition came about so that they could find youths who are doing exceptional work for the country.

She added that the Commonwealth Youth Programme has decided to take Seychelles’ initiative and introduce it to other Commonwealth nations.

President Michel was visibly proud as he stated his joy at seeing determined youths striving to bring Seychelles further.

“I strongly believe that the country’s leaders should be a mixture of youth and experience and that is why I continue to put capable youth in leadership positions,” President Michel said.

He added; “To learn that the Commonwealth has chosen to adopt an initiative from Seychelles shows how far we have come as a nation.”

He urged the youths present to keep working hard and be role models for other young people so that Seychelles can continue to prosper.

President Michel then proceeded to greet the 28 youths individually as he learned more about their work and contributions.
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Re: Setbacks, Humiliation and Lesson Learning

Postby Grandlarousse » Tue Apr 28, 2015 8:12 pm

Youth forum discusses sustainable future


During two days key officials and experts on social, economic, environmental and cultural issues will address the youths on these issues which have great impact on society.

The aim is to prompt their understanding of the existing situation and get them involved so they can come up with a project to promote sustainable development.

The symposium, being held under the theme ‘The Future We Want’, has brought together different stakeholders to discuss these important issues but keeping the youth as a key partner.

It is a crucial opportunity to ensure necessary actions are taken where required to support local and regional sustainable development efforts.

President James Michel, along with other distinguished guests and representatives of the Indian Ocean Commission and the EU, attended the opening session of the symposium at the international Conference Centre yesterday morning.

In remarks to declare open the symposium, the Minister for Finance, Trade and the Blue Economy Jean-Paul Adam said it is another opportunity for the young people to share ideas as has been the case before.

He reminded everyone present that Seychelles has been in the forefront of global effort to raise awareness on the case of small island developing states (Sids).
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Re: Setbacks, Humiliation and Lesson Learning

Postby fecas-ecsvs » Thu Jul 09, 2015 10:49 pm

Public invited to take part in budget process


The ministry responsible for preparing the national budget is inviting the private sector through the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industries and the public through civil society organisations to make submissions for the national budget.

These will be published and debated over the coming months.

The Minister for Finance, Trade and the Blue Economy Jean-Paul Adam made the invitation when launching a first session his ministry organised on Tuesday afternoon to explain the budget process and the content of the national budget.

Representatives from the private sector, civil societies, different ministries and departments and agencies concerned with budgeting met to get a better understanding of the content and the process of the national budget.

“The aim is to have through the budget process a more committed approach from all Seychellois,” Minister Adam said, adding that many people are not aware of how a budget is prepared, its numerous implications and often do not see how they fit in or how they could make contributions to its realisation through their propositions or even how they can make these contributions.

Minister Adam noted that the session on Tuesday was to demystify the budget by explaining the process and also to urge people to come forward to make their contributions so that in the end we have a budget we can identify with and see ourselves in.

A team from the ministry comprising the principal secretary in the finance and trade department Patrick Payet, the principal secretary in the Blue Economy department Rebecca Loustau-Lalanne, the comptroller general of the financial planning and control division Damien Thesee, revenue commissioner Georgette Pillay as well as other representatives of the ministry made a series of presentations on different aspects and components of the budget.

The aim was to shed more light on the budgetary process through a series of short presentations and interactions with the audience.

“We want to share some of the challenges we face when putting together the budget. We want to have a budget process which is as inclusive and participatory as possible to demystify the whole process once and for all,” Minister Adam explained.

He pointed out that there are things which can be done through the budget and things that cannot be done and it is important that we understand what is possible and what is not possible,” Minister Adam said, stressing on the importance of public views and expectations.

Minister Adam explained that the national budget is a public document and anybody can get access to it at any time and there is a copy available at all times at the National Library.

But admitting that this method of consultation is not always the most convenient one in this modern day and age, Minister Adam announced that his ministry will soon launch its website where the document can be posted and be easily accessible for the public to consult on-line.
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