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PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2014 4:57 pm
by fecas-ecsvs


Our Communities in:

Britain - Ireland - Channel Islands - France - Germany - Holland - Belgium - Scandinavia - Austria - Switzerland - Spain - Portugal - Luxembourg - Italy - Greece - Cyprus - Poland - Slovakia - rest of Europe - Russia and former Yugoslavia Federation

Over the past 23 years the challenges, experience, development in the respective country our communities have made it their Home. Their language, respective National Institutions, distinct NGO workings, Voluntary workings/Institutions, Religion/Church, Culture, Political system, Trade Union, Society, Media, Policing Authorities and Judiciary, Education, Working environment - Business and Health system. What we have learned together - beside the repayment/contributions to the Nations they have come to call Home - under global workings the manner they in turn contribute to building their Native and Mother land system, economy, democracy - the very long list. In the process educating and passing their acquired knowledge and experience to the younger generation and children. Beside learning to live and share the same European space and destiny as other Ethnic communities and Minorities.

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 11, 2014 8:56 pm
by fecas-ecsvs
Folkestone Bus station where in 1992 we registered and set up Office for FECAS-ECSVS by Channel Business Center today Folkestone new Bus Station the many benefits they have received form our work, contributions and involvement. Then Channel Tunnel construction, the many large/multinational construction companies, French, German, British based there then.

The political situation in Sechelles Seychelles, return of the Exile/refugees Executives, Multi party and events/situation in Africa then OAU.
Cercle Francais of Folkestone headed bu Mr Coltard

The Austrian High Fi company Old Street who helped us and the Family who ran a newspaper help who visited the Coral Strand Hotel every year.

The Sicilian Family who had their coffee place in the business arcade who helped us/kept an eye on us.

The Dutch/Holland Family who owned the cheese shop near the library

Beside one or two Irish Family, Scott family and the SDA Church.

We also received help/support from the Kent Community - old Polish. We have addressed the manner we had worked in London until we came to Kent 1991, those connections we picked up and introduced our-self to - the Travelers/Rom Community.

The four other Christian Churches who lent us their support and facilities -advice

Make a note the Mauritius Councilor and his Estate Agent across the bus Station- he later moved to Dover and opened a Restaurant in front of the Town Hall building. Other Mauritian Family who supported us.

Since the change over for apartheid government the many South Africans who fled/left their country and took exile/restarted their live in Britain - when we move to Ashford in 1991 onward those who had worked with the army, police, special service and government officials, knew who we were and that SIROP program impacts - in setting out FECAS-ECSVS 1991, we had endeavored to discover as much how they had endeavored to reestablish themselves in exile/Britain. The many issues we shared - given not just old Sechelles Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion connection - those who covered up lied and distorted history and things - the very many Families in South Africa of French, beside those who had migrated to Rhodesia and events - decent Huguenots and they found themselves back in Europe just as we have are. What about those South Africa who had gone to settle in Seychelles after the political change 2000, 2004, 2009 and they pretend we just do not exist. The manure stink worse. That FECAS-ECSVS was not just any ill founded concept and those who go on and on about military change in Seychelles - obviously they do not know much or have not taken enough time to think. Humans can be very devious utterly selfish when it come to their existence - we found/discovered this among our very own exile between 1978 - to 1991. Just as South Africa impacted many of our Seychelles issues given our archaic - other greater workings how we impacted very highly important issues of their Nation and people. What about the very very many Dutch/Netherlands - South Africa and White exile South African issues since the change in the system. The/our very distinctive Community working in Europe and across the world. With their joining BRICS it will just complicate issues.
Folkestone Library facilities

Knowing we could not return to Sechelle Seychelles from there applied to the Calais authorities and President F Mitterrand for us to set up and an Indian Ocean Center in Calais where we would have Housed/registered that FECAS - ECSVS project. Grant funding and financial support form the EU Commission we had a meeting with, we informed and notify then Seychelles High Commission Mr Silverster Radegon -we were given permission in writing - the bitter anger and rage/hate of those in England and they double their efforts that we dd not go to France. Those in Calais from Madagascar and other French Families who came over to help with our issues and plight/ordeals.

Beside the Castle in Dover build by the Norman, their resting place in Dover, Caple le Fern and Folkestone

They also worked out out Headed paper and the Law Firms who helped/assisted us.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 12, 2014 7:27 am
by fecas-ecsvs
EU Commission Building

Calais - France where we had got a written permission to set up a Center for the Indian Ocean within it to House FECAS- ECSVS

Mairie de Calais