The greater exile/refugee issues of the Regional Indian Ocean.

The Regional Indian Ocean.
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  • Regional Indian Ocean greater exile/refugee issues
    Having stated time and time again our research by UNIDO/World Bank to set up an Indian Ocean Industrial Investment Promotion Centre - then Cold War, world refugee/exile issues in Austria. The approach, attituide, benchmark of the COI Member states government, national Institutions towards the issues of exile/refugee. We went/have gone on to help/set in place the IOR Association - again the dimension of the regional exile/refugee problematic, challenges and the International Institutions - attitude and approach. Beside those nations from the G20 and so forth corrupted practice and their media involvements. We have created this space not just for the Sechelles Seychelles 21,000 - 25,000 exile/refugee everybody choose to ignore. But for the greater exile/refugee issues of the Regional Indian Ocean.
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  • Under UN, EU, African Union Charter empowering migrant/Exile Communities
    We began to adopt and develop due networks, structures, expertise back in 1978/9 for the past 36 years our contributions to Seychelles building, regional Indian Ocean Nations workings, empowering - contribution to working and building democracy. Our community have been at the fore front of alternative economic, cross culture nation working with the former COMECON, Russia the role we have played and input - lending to the BRICS world alternative economic, social and cross culture workings.

    Nous avons commencé à adopter et développer des réseaux en raison , structures, expertise de retour en 1978/9 pour les 36 dernières années, nos contributions au renforcement des Seychelles , le fonctionnement régional océan Indien Nations , l'autonomisation - contribution au travail et renforcement de la démocratie . Notre communauté a été à l'avant-garde de solution de rechange économique , croix nation de culture de travail avec l'ancien COMECON , Russie le rôle que nous avons joué et entrée - prêts au monde BRICS autres travaux de culture économiques, sociaux et croisées .
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