Sechelles - Seychelles Community Meetings, Lectures, Workshops etc.. across EU cities, towns

It is now nearly 2 years since our Seychelles EU community have had a web presence - where our children, youth, young parents, elders can /have visited and relearn the lost past very rich ancestral heritage, archaic, christian cultural heritage. Including those from other European nations married to our nation country man and woman. Then the many institutions in EU, government officials and agencies, NGO and voluntary organizations and agencies , religious and business bodies . WE BELIEVE THE TIME HAVE COME NOW WHERE GROUP OF INDIVIDUALS, THOSE WITH CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE, EXPERTISE, SKILLS AND DEDICATION CAN TRAVEL ACROSS THE EU, VISIT AND MEET OUR COMMUNITIES AND THOSE INVOLVE WITH THEM AT ALL LEVELS OF THEIR FUNCTIONINGS - IN ACCORDANCE WITH EU LAWS, DIRECTIVES AND GUIDANCE, CONTRIBUTE TO BUILDING OUR COMMUNITIES IN EU. This forum area use to post views, suggestions, recommandation and point of views. 26/07/08
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